Why Get a Contingent Beneficiary on Your Life Insurance Policy?

Your life insurance beneficiaries are the people who receive your death benefit in the event of your passing. This death benefit offers substantial financial assistance, replacing your income and helping to pay off debts. But keep in mind that beneficiaries.

Is Life Insurance with Cash Value Worth It?

Many people know life insurance provides a policyholder’s loved ones with significant financial protection when the policyholder passes away. In addition, some life insurance policies come with a growth component called cash value, which grows tax- deferred. This article will.

Intetics Created the First Online IT Trends Vocabulary with Definitions and Emerging Technologies for 2022. Are You In? Contribute to the Vocabulary!

Intetics has created a Vocabulary of Emerging Technologies, which covers IT trends and definitions of all emerging technologies for analysis and reference. The Vocabulary is open for anyone willing to contribute it with definitions of the latest on tech.  Rapid.

Advance America: 5 Types of Loans for Essential Expenses

Sometimes, people come up short on cash for essential expenses, like gas, groceries, and utilities. Fortunately, there are plenty of loan options that can help them these expenses until they fill that cash shortfall. This article will dive into five.

A Beginner’s Guide to Emergency Funds

For many people, an emergency fund can be the difference between being able to weather a financial storm and being forced into debt. Unexpected expenses will always come up no matter how much you plan, so having an emergency fund.

Can I Get a Fast Cash Loan If I’m Unemployed?

If you’re unemployed and need cash fast, you may be wondering whether you can get a loan. Luckily, there are many fast cash loans that may be at your disposal. Knowing how a fast cash loan works and what options.

3 Tips to Help First-Time Borrowers Qualify for a Loan

Applying for a loan can be somewhat nerve-wracking if you’ve never done it before. Whether you’re hoping to find the funding you need for essential or emergency expenses, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before you start.

5 Tips for Getting a Personal Loan with No Credit

If you don’t have an established credit history, you may be wondering whether you can still qualify for loans. Luckily, there are many ways you can still get a personal loan with no credit. Following one of these five tips.

How to Make a Life Insurance Claim

Filing a life insurance claim can be a devastating process. While dealing with heartbreak, the last thing you’ll want to do is deal with the paperwork and insurance agents. Because of this, life insurance companies have made it as simple.

5 Common Myths About Life Insurance

There are plenty of insurance options out there, but one that is often skipped over is life insurance. A big reason people forgo life insurance is the myths and misinformation that surround the benefit. Whether you believe life insurance is.
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