Gig workers looking to make extra money this weekend have several options available. Online platforms and mobile apps offer opportunities in many local areas. You can find the best delivery app to work with and try food delivery, go through your closet and resell clothes you never wear anymore, or try walking dogs as ways to make extra money this weekend. Let’s explore these options and more popular side hustles.

Deliver Food

Some people love to be behind the wheel with the windows down and the tunes blasting. What if you could make money while doing just that? A food delivery app allows you to receive orders from local restaurants and deliver them right to a hungry customer’s door. The best delivery app to work for may also allow deliveries from local convenience stores or pharmacies, where you shop for a customer’s items, checkout, and then take their goods to them, which can provide more earning opportunities. Food delivery jobs pay you with a base rate plus the tips you receive from customers.

Resell Old Items

Have a closet full of little-worn (or never-worn) clothing items? We can all be guilty of it, but that shirt or dress that didn’t fit quite right could be exactly what someone else needs. Resell old clothes using reselling apps or online marketplaces to clear out your closet and make back some of the money you spent to buy it in the first place. Vintage clothing items are all the rage these days and you could make more than you originally spent on them.

Clean Houses

Are you great at tidying up your apartment, or get immense satisfaction out of a clean kitchen stove that sparkles like new? You can put your love of cleaning to good use as a part-time housekeeper this weekend. Online and app services can help you get started to find home-cleaning projects. You can pick and choose the ones that are best suited for you and worth your time. These types of services can also see additional pay in the form of tips from a happy homeowner.

Babysit or Pet Sit

If you love to be around little ones–whether they have two feet or four–then sitting may be exactly what you need to make some extra money on the weekends. Depending on where you live, you could have plenty of opportunities to find babysitting or pet sitting gigs near you. Busy parents may need someone to watch the kids while they go run errands for a couple hours on Saturday afternoon. Or maybe a couple needs a dogsitter for the weekend when they head off to a friend’s wedding. There are plenty of competing apps, so research which babysitting or pet sitting apps are typically busiest.

Wedding Event Planner

Weekends are when most couples choose to get married, so that means there’s opportunity to help them make their special day perfect as a weekend wedding planner. Not only can this pay well, but you may find additional perks like getting complementary meals for your time during the reception. However, this is one weekend gig that you probably won’t do only for a few hours on the weekend during your free time, and may require additional hours leading up to the wedding to help the couple coordinate all of their needs.

Making extra money over the weekend can be an easy way to meet your financial needs. Weekend jobs don’t often require a lot–or any–previous professional experience. It will depend largely on what life skills you have and what you like to do. If it’s something you truly enjoy doing, it won’t feel much like work at all.


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