When it comes to real estate, be it for a new home or an investment property, luxury Oahu real estate and waterfront homes in nearby Lanikai beach are worth considering. With unbelievable home prices on offer now, on one of Hawaii’s most prominent islands, there’s never been a better window of opportunity to own luxury beachfront property. Be warned, though, that window might be closing soon!

Oahu: Where Big Opportunities Await

If you are looking for something less big-city-like, but don’t wish to move to a tiny island or sleepy hamlet, then Oahu luxury real estate opportunities await you. The third largest of Hawaii’s island jewels, and ranked 20th in terms of land mass in the United States, Oahu covers 1,578 square kilometers – approximately 607 square miles. The island is nicknamed “The Gathering Place”, indicating the depth, breadth and diversity of its population.

With that much going for it, you’ll never miss the hustle and bustle of the “big cities”, yet you’ll have all the amenities and luxuries right at your doorstep! And it doesn’t matter what your living preferences are – high or low-rise homes, independent beach front properties, or condominium communities – the pick of some of the best Hawaii luxury real estate are right there in Oahu. 

And with access to an internationally reputed stretch of beach on the most scenic patch of Oahu’s coastline – nicknamed “The heavenly sea”, nearby Lanikai homes offer yet another opportunity. Owning and renting out to beach-loving surfers and vacationers is guaranteed to bring you a steady stream of income, while you watch your real estate portfolio value increase.   

Whether you wish to make Hawaii your permanent new home, or whether you just want a “go to” vacation property option to get away from the stress of big city life, Oahu Island is the perfect place for you and your family. And if you’re looking for opportunities to generate passive income, while you wait to make your relocation plans, then investing in luxury Oahu real estate now is the best move you can make.

Opportunities of a Lifetime: Why Now?

So, why invest in luxury beachfront properties in Oahu, one of Hawaii’s major islands – and why now?  Well, whether you buy to rent, or whether you’re buying to live, it’s always about location…location…location. And Oahu offers some prime locations for luxury homes. But, it’s also about pricing.

In January 2023, for the first time since July 2021, the prices of single-family homes in Oahu have dipped below the $1-million tag. The median price dropped by 6% compared to last January, marking the second month-over-month price decline. This trend, of declining prices, was also evidenced in condominiums, where the price fell from a median of $500k to around $492K. 

So: Why now? Whether it’s luxury real estate in Lanikai beach that you’re looking to buy, or whether it’s high-end properties anywhere else in Oahu Island – these low prices offer a once-in-a-life time opportunity. Soon, interest rates will moderate, and sellers will start increasing their asking prices. And when that happens, it can spark vicious bidding wars. If you wish to make your move, now is the best time!