Chino, CA. 10/3/2023 – The Law Firm Management Academy (TLFMA) has emerged as a groundbreaking resource for law firm owners and operators seeking to enhance their practice’s profitability, scalability, and overall performance. Founded with a vision to bridge the gap between legal expertise and business acumen, TLFMA brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the forefront of the legal industry.

Meet the Founders

Phil Blende, MA, MBA
Co-Founder / CEO

With an impressive track record spanning over two decades, Mr. Blende stands as a recognized leader in the legal coaching industry, providing unparalleled coaching excellence in both the Information Technology and business sectors.

Before ascending to his present role, Mr. Blende proved his acumen in various capacities, most notably as the Chief Operating Officer for several prominent law firms in Southern California. These experiences have equipped him with a deep understanding of the dynamics of running successful legal operations. His technical prowess was honed in his roles as IT Manager for notable firms such as Lexxiom Inc., The Mossler Law Firm, and The Seideman Law Firm.

Currently, Mr. Blende is harnessing his wealth of knowledge and experience in a new venture – authoring a groundbreaking book titled “The Non-Attorney COO Handbook Vol I. Maximizing Efficiency and Profitability in Law Firms.” With this book, he aims to share his insights and pave the way for a new era of effective and profitable law firm management.

Greg Borgardt, CPA, MBA
Co-Founder / CFO

Greg Borgardt is a highly accomplished Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with extensive experience as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in the legal industry. Known for his expertise in financial management, strategic planning, and operational efficiency, he has played a pivotal role in optimizing financial performance and driving growth for law firms.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master’s of Business Management in Accounting and Entrepreneurship and is a distinguished Certified Public Accountant (CPA). His educational background, coupled with his professional certification, has equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of accounting principles, financial regulations, and business strategy.

In his role as CFO of a prestigious law firm, Mr. Borgardt oversees all aspects of financial planning and analysis. he successfully implemented financial controls, developed strategic budgets, and provided insightful financial reports to key stakeholders. By closely monitoring financial performance and identifying growth opportunities, Mr. Borgardt played a pivotal role in driving revenue growth and maximizing profitability. He has successfully implemented cost-saving initiatives and identified opportunities for revenue diversification. By conducting comprehensive financial analyses, he has identified areas for operational improvement, allowing the law firm to optimize resource allocation and improve overall efficiency.

April Bayonne, JD, MBA
Co-Founder / President

April Bayonne is a distinguished legal professional with a comprehensive academic background in business and law. A proud alumnus of the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith, Mrs. Bayonne obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Her thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there; she subsequently pursued and attained a law degree from the esteemed William H. Bowen School of Law.

Complementing her legal prowess, she also holds a Master of Business Management (MBA) from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, reinforcing her business acumen.

Why TLFMA Was Founded

The inception of The Law Firm Management Academy (TLFMA) is rooted in a fundamental truth: lawyers, despite their unmatched legal acumen, often find themselves grappling with the intricacies of efficiently managing a law firm. Legal education places a significant emphasis on the art of effective and ethical legal practice, yet it often leaves legal professionals without the essential skills required to operate a successful business. “In today’s fiercely competitive legal landscape, the need for lawyers to possess robust business management skills is more crucial than ever,” stated Phil Blende, CEO of TLFMA. “The Academy is meticulously designed to empower lawyers in honing the skills necessary for steering their firms towards triumph.” Recognizing this critical gap, the founders, with extensive experience in law firms, established TLFMA to equip law firm owners with the indispensable tools needed to foster efficient and profitable growth and scalability.

Introductory Offer!

Throughout October 2023, TLFMA extends a COMPLIMENTARY assessment of policies, processes, and systems documentation. This comprehensive review encompasses a meticulous top-down analysis of the firm’s existing policies, processes, and systems, accompanied by expert recommendations for enhancement. Please note that this is an EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED-TIME OFFER available to the first 50 firms that initiate contact with us during the month of October. With a high demand for these reviews, we urge you to ACT PROMPTLY to secure your spot.

To avail yourself of this invaluable opportunity, feel free to reach out to The Academy via phone at (844) 672-4736. Alternatively, you can claim your complimentary review by visiting our website and completing the contact form.

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Contact Information:

Name: Phil Blende
Email: [email protected]
Job Title: Co-Founder / CEO

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