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A patient’s laser hair removal journey doesn’t end after the appointment. Following any such procedure, be it bikini laser hair removal, a Brazilian or any form of laser hair removal near you, you need to care for your skin to ensure it heals and remains healthy.

The skin is at its most sensitive and vulnerable after laser hair removal, so patients must take steps to protect their investment. Here are some tips on caring for skin after laser hair removal.

Follow the specialist’s orders

The specialist who performed the laser hair removal knows best. They may provide a list of steps to ensure the results are optimal and the skin stays as healthy as possible. It is best to listen if they suggest avoiding sunlight or shaving, following a good diet or they note the need for topical healing creams. 

These specialists are also great resources if the patient has questions about handling post-treatment care. They can suggest the best products, give strict care timelines and offer knowledge for any aftercare questions the patient may have.

Avoid sun exposure, and wear sunscreen

The skin is most sensitive immediately after a laser hair removal appointment. The sun’s rays are harmful to the skin even when it is primed and ready, so avoiding the sunlight as much as possible for up to a month post-treatment is advisable. Even when keeping out of the sun, patients should apply sunscreen regularly to protect the skin. Under no circumstances should a patient tan or even get a hint of a sunburn after treatment.

Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliating skin should be a focus of any skincare routine, and regular exfoliation after laser hair removal is no less important. Exfoliation should be done between every appointment. Keeping the skin fresh and healthy may also help speed up how quickly the body sheds hair follicles. This in turn will prepare the skin for the next appointment and ensure that everything goes well without any pain or discomfort.

Avoid topical beauty products for 24 hours

As noted earlier, the skin is extremely sensitive in the aftermath of a laser hair removal procedure. The skin heals more effectively when undisturbed by topical products during this time. These products, including makeup and deodorant, can irritate the skin. It is suggested that patients avoid these products for at least 24 hours following their laser hair removal appointment to ensure the skin heals quickly and without issue.

Use a cold compress and take cold showers

After the laser hair removal appointment, the skin may be sensitive to touch and any outside contaminants. A washcloth as a cold compress can help these sensitive areas when placed on them for several minutes. An ice pack wrapped in a cloth towel or in thick paper towels can also help. Cold showers offer similar results.

These cold-temperature healing options are crucial for people who experience red or swollen skin after their laser hair removal appointment. The compresses and showers can reduce temporary swelling and pain.

Bottom line

Whether a person gets laser hair removal in Orchard Park, NY, and needs to protect their vulnerable skin from the winter elements, or they’re in Florida and need to stay out of the sun, post-treatment care is essential for skin healing and health. Following these tips will help any laser hair removal patient enjoy the quickest recovery possible and set them up for a healthy skin future.