World Services Group (WSG) is pleased to announce the election of the 2023 – 2024 Board of Directors. The 2023 – 2024 WSG Board of Directors will be led by Officers: Chair, Anastasia M. Campbell from Graham Thompson; Chair Elect, André Vautour from Lavery; Secretary, Rafael Calvo Salinero from Garrigues; Treasurer, David Gutiérrez from BLP and Chair Emeritus, Herman H. Raspé from Patterson Belknap.

Ms. Campbell said, “WSG continues to grow as a leading innovative and collaborative global network through the hard work of Herman H. Raspé, Chair Emeritus, Board Members, Regional Councils, and all of our WSG member firms. I am honored to serve as Chair of such a successful organization and with members who are focused on offering the highest quality, value and service to clients. I look forward to continuing to add value to WSG and its prestigious Membership through various exciting new and continued strategic initiatives.”

With members in attendance from 79 jurisdictions globally, the recent WSG Annual Meeting 2023 held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, served as the platform from which Herman H. Raspé transitioned his Chairship to incoming Chair Anastasia M. Campbell. He extended his heartfelt gratitude and acknowledgement of dedicated participation to our outgoing Directors: Bashir Ahmed from Afridi & Angell; Bonnie Dixon from Atsumi & Sakai; Stefan Erhag from Delphi and Martin Simovart from Cobalt. WSG extends a very special thank you to outgoing Directors for their exemplary years of service and support in the continuing growth and development of WSG.

The WSG Annual Meeting 2023 also marked the election of four new Directors to the WSG Board: Machiuanna Chu from Deacons; Isaac Fenyane from ENSafrica; Raimondo Premonte from Gianni & Origoni and J. Andrew Robison from Bradley. The newly elected Directors will serve a four-year term.

About World Services Group (WSG)

World Services Group is the most prominent global network of independent firms that provides an exclusive setting and platform to connect its members to the most elite legal firms and their multinational clients worldwide. WSG provides cross industry access to a select few investment banking and accounting firms creating more expansive opportunities to service clients. The network is comprised of over 120 firms worldwide. Members act in over 150 jurisdictions with over 23,000 professionals globally. 



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