The beautiful city of Houston has a chaotic side: its weather! For a city that has experienced drought for as long as seven years, it is only wise to have an irrigation system. If you have installed an irrigation system for your soil, or plan to do so, this post is for you. Below are tips for maintaining your irrigation in Houston.

Regular Inspection 

The best way to manage your irrigation system is to check it at frequent intervals. You need to conduct a regular inspection to identify the faulty parts of your irrigation system. It saves your system from damage and allows you to fix any issues that have occurred previously. During the regular inspection, you should check for leaks, chronic wet or dry spots, and inoperable heads. You can have a specific period when you conduct the examination, but it is essential to check if you notice your soil and plant are dryer or wetter than usual.

Seasonal Adjustments

The demand for water by your soil and plants varies according to season. You do not want to deprive your soil of water, or load it with excess water, as each action has severe consequences. For this reason, it is crucial to carry out seasonal adjustments on your irrigation system. To do this effectively, study seasonal forecasts carefully, and adjust the watering level depending on the conditions expected for each season. For example, your sprinkler will be at a higher rate during the dry season than the rainy season. You need to ensure your soil is getting to the optimum water level it needs at all times. It is an essential way of maintaining the irrigation system in Houston.

Cleaning and Maintenance 

It is essential to schedule a cleaning period to prevent blockage of your sprinkler. The cleaning of the heads is to prevent clogs and debris. Your sprinklers should be cleaned at least twice a year. You do not have to carry these tasks out for yourself. There are several professional Houston Irrigation companies  that will assist in cleaning your pipes and sprinkler system at very affordable rates. Hiring professionals is better than doing it yourself since they have experts that know all there is to know about an irrigation system. 

Water Conservation 

The primary purpose of carrying out irrigation is to optimize water usage. Knowing your property’s water requirements is essential to maximize water usage. To effectively carry out water conservation, you must know how to manage water pressure and to conserve water in the rainy sensors. It might be challenging to measure the water usage of your soil accurately; however, if you pay close attention to details and study the soil well, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.


If you do not manage what you own, it will be damaged beyond repair. Both you and your soil need your irrigation system functioning optimally to deal with adverse weather conditions. If you need to learn how to care for your irrigation system properly, remember that professional drainage companies can help you out quickly.  Maintaining your irrigation system to achieve optimum crop yield at the end of the year is the goal of every irrigation system owner.