During summers in the Lone Star State, where the heat and sun reign supreme, it’s crucial to adapt your wardrobe to stay cool and comfortable.

Whether you’re heading to a routine oral checkup at a dentist in Arlington or grabbing a quick bite to eat with friends, we’ve curated a style guide to take your summer fashion game to the next level. From breathable fabrics to vibrant colors that radiate confidence, prepare to conquer the scorching Texas summer with your unbeatable style prowess.

1. Embrace Lightweight Fabrics

Lightweight and breathable fabrics are essential for any Texan’s summer wardrobe. Natural materials like cotton and linen are some of the best choices since they’re airy but not clingy, making them ideal for beating the heat. Loose-fitting garments with breathable seams can help keep you cool as the fabric stays off your skin as much as possible.

2. Use Light Colors

Beat the sweltering Texas sun by choosing light-colored clothing. Dark colors tend to absorb heat, while light colors reflect it. You can opt for fabrics in shades of white, pastels, and neutrals to keep you cool. Not only will you feel less heat, but you’ll also exude a fresh and summery vibe.

3. Try Layering

When you’re outdoors, the temperature can be relentless; however, most indoor areas are often air-conditioned to provide relief from the heat. To combat the extreme temperature changes between outdoors and indoors, you can choose to layer your outfits.

You can start with an undershirt or camisole and pair it with a shirt or dress made of lightweight material like cotton or linen, which can help keep sweat off your body during the day. You can then carry a light jacket, cardigan, or wrap for indoor activities or evening strolls when the temperatures drop. Neutral tones and classic shapes can help easily transition from day to night.

4. Add Accessories

Accessories can add both flair and functionality to any summer outfit. A wide-brimmed hat helps shield your head from harsh sunlight, while sunglasses help shield eyes against UV rays and make any look more stylish. You can also add a scarf or wrap to enhance your outfit with a burst of color.

Temperatures across Texas usually hover between 85°F and 90°F and can even go above 100°F during the summers, accompanied by humidity. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for comfort. With this sweltering style guide, you can stay cool and look stylish all summer—no matter how hot it gets outside.

In addition to dressing appropriately for the weather, your smile is the best accessory you can ever wear. For any oral health needs, dentists in Texas and Arlington can provide expert care and personalized solutions for simple and complex dental procedures and oral surgeries. Whether you’re a resident or a tourist, this guide can help beat the summer heat in style.