Pictured here are some of the thousands of Market America UnFranchise Owners who traveled from around the world to attend ICON 2023 at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina. This annual event equips attendees with the latest tools, training and technology that they can use to help grow their UnFranchise Businesses (August 24, 2023).


Hey there, future boss!  Ever caught yourself daydreaming about running the show, but those dollar signs keep holding you back? Traditional business routes can be a real buzzkill with their sky-high start-up costs. But here’s the tea: there’s a way to dive into the entrepreneurial world without costly startup fees. Enter the scene: Market America UnFranchise®Business. Think of it as the sweet spot between entrepreneurship and a franchise, giving you the structure of a proven business model without the typical franchise fees. Let’s break down the perks:

  1. Low on Cash and No Biz Degree? No Problem!

Who said you need a fat bank account and a fancy degree to start your own thing? With the UnFranchise Business, you can dive into the entrepreneurial world without maxing out your credit. It’s all about making boss moves without the usual roadblocks.

“The Market America business is worthy of every UnFranchise Owner, even every ordinary person,” said Susu Cheng, who has been an UnFranchise Owner in Taiwan for more than 12 years. “As long as you know how to spend money, as long as you know how to breathe, you can actually run this business. Through the power of people and technology, this system allows each of us to get back our time and freedom fairly and to live the life of our dreams.”

  1. No Reinventing the Wheel

Market America isn’t new to the block. Their UnFranchise system is solid gold, meaning you’re hopping onto a wave that’s already been riding high for more than 30 years.

  1. Elite Training & Mentorship

Think you’re navigating this journey solo? Not with Market America. Dive deep into top-tier training – both in-person and online and get insights straight from UnFranchise Owners with a decade in the game and master the science-backed products. Plus, gain exclusive access to cutting-edge tools tailored for your success.

“In Market America, the last 2 ½ years, attending all this training has literally made us both, as a couple, a better version of ourselves,” said Market Malaysia UnFranchise Owner, Michael Cheng about the experience he and his wife, Sarah have had building their UnFranchise Business together. “And the best part is I don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to do that.”

  1. All the Goods

With a killer range of products, from wellness vibes to beauty essentials, skincare must-haves, and our dazzling jewelry line, you’re spoilt for choice. Find your tribe and vibe with them.

  1. Your Pace, Your Rules

One of the sweetest bits? Flexibility. Whether you’re all about that side hustle life or going all in, you set the rhythm.

  1. Level Up Your Skills

It’s not just about the moolah. Dive deep into sales, marketing, and leadership. It’s all about that personal glow-up.

  1. It’s All About the Tribe

Being part of Market America is like joining the coolest squad. Connect, learn, and collab with peeps who get the hustle.

  1. Digital Domination

In this digital era, you gotta be where the peeps are. Market America sets you up with a sleek website, so when you promote your business and the products you’re obsessed with, you’re leveling up your own biz. Each shoutout could turn into supplemental income, making your passion both fun and rewarding.

  1. Stay Fresh and Updated

Market America is always on its A-game, dropping new products and tools. You’re always in the loop with the latest and greatest.

“I truly recommend anyone that’s out there that’s looking, this is something that could change your life,” said Brett Portelli, who has been an UnFranchise Owner in New Jersey for more than 12 years. “If you take the opportunity and time to see how it can fit into your life, it’s designed to fit into your life. It’s not designed to take away from anything in your life and that’s the beauty of our business.”

So, if you’ve been vibing with the idea of running your own show but those dollar signs keep giving you side-eye, the Market America UnFranchise life might just be your jam. Dive in, boss up, and let the adventure begin now!

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