Garden Bros. Nuclear Circus owner Niles Garden has generously donated $956,582 to support the Circus Arts Conservatory’s mission.

Southwest Florida-based Niles Garden, the esteemed owner of Garden Bros. Nuclear Circus, has generously donated almost $1 million to the Circus Arts Conservatory. 

Garden gifted circus equipment worth a total of $956,582 to the nonprofit organization. The organization focuses on circus-related education and training in Sarasota, Florida, and the surrounding areas.

“I’m immensely proud to be able to donate almost $1 million to a cause as worthy as the Circus Arts Conservatory,” says Garden, speaking from his home in Sarasota County, Florida.

Garden owns several businesses in the greater Sarasota area, such as Downtown Living Inc. and Sarasota Charters.

The philanthropic Floridian also owns Garden Bros. Nuclear Circus. Garden Bros. has entertained families for over a century and is now the largest circus on the planet. The world-class establishment features over 60 performers from across the globe in five rings, each boasting concert-style lighting and amazing special effects.

Meanwhile, the Circus Arts Conservatory is home to world-class circus performances. It promotes excellence in circus arts training and champions community-based educational and therapeutic outreach. The nonprofit organization exists in the so-called Circus City of Sarasota, Florida.

Upon sharing news of Garden’s recent $1 million philanthropic gesture, the Circus Arts Conservatory said it was delighted to receive such an incredible donation. They went on to thank the Garden Bros. Nuclear Circus owner on behalf of their board of directors, coaches, staff, students, and volunteers.

The organization’s overarching mission is to educate and engage students surrounding circus arts using innovative and unique learning experiences. It’s also committed to measurably improving the quality of life of individuals in care while advancing the fascinating legacy of the circus.

Philanthropist Garden’s generous donation allows the Circus Arts Conservatory to keep touching lives by empowering youth to excel via circus training. It will also permit the organization to bring humor and light to local nursing home residents and facilitate teaching scientific principles with a circus arts-rooted curriculum to elementary school students.

The Circus Arts Conservatory educates, engages, and inspires thousands of people of all ages annually. It does so thanks to the ongoing support of Garden Bros. Nuclear Circus owner Garden and other generous benefactors.

You can learn more about the Circus Arts Conservatory and its work at