MAPLETON, Maine, USA  (Sept. 14, 2023) – The International Caregivers Association (ICA) announced today the launch of its new Care Provider Partnership Agreement Program (CPPAP), an innovative approach to dementia care designed to provide more compassionate, person-centered services through new staffing models and specialized training.

CPPAP was created by ICA’s founding president, Dr. Ethelle Lord, to address gaps in the current healthcare system and improve the quality of life for both dementia patients and their caregivers. Industry research shows that nurses are facing historically high burn-out rates.

“After caring for my late husband through his difficult journey with dementia, I recognized the urgent need for change in long-term care facilities and standards,” said Dr. Lord. “CPPAP introduces a fresh perspective centered on partnership, dignity, and preserving personhood. It is my life’s work to transform perceptions, improve training, and implement this holistic model focused on relationship and humanity.”

The CPPAP program provides customized dementia care plans tailored to each individual. It is built on facilitating a partnership between caregivers, care recipients, and specialized coaching teams. It also puts forward a dynamic new framework for dementia care operations.

New staffing protocols reduce fatigue and burnout by allowing caregivers to work 6-hour shifts at 8-hour pay. Facilities are also required to provide 24/7 access to both a registered nurse and a dedicated dementia coach. The coach offers ongoing education and support to equip staff with the skills needed to provide attentive, knowledgeable care.

CPPAP further sets itself apart by empowering family members to become actively involved as Care Partners in facilities like nursing homes and assisted living. For at-home care, CPPAP enables agencies to offer 24/7 care for family respite.  To achieve CPPAP certification, hospitals must hold a Magnet or Pathway designation, which signifies excellence in nursing practices and healthy work environments. This ensures best practices are observed at all times.


About Dr. Ethelle Lord

Dr. Ethelle Lord is the pioneering founder and president of the International Caregivers Association, established over 20 years ago. She earned a doctorate in organizational leadership and devoted her career to advancing dementia education and services. Dr. Lord gained firsthand experience when she cared for her late husband through his journey with dementia. These insights inspired her to create the Care Provider Partnership Agreement Program as an innovative solution to transform long-term care and improve quality of life and work. Dr. Lord is a respected voice in the dementia field, working to shift perceptions, boost training, and implement holistic models centered on compassionate care.

In addition to being a sought-after speaker, Dr. Lord is an accomplished author. In her book “Alzheimer’s Coaching: Taking A Systems Approach in Creating an Alzheimer’s Friendly Healthcare Workforce,” she shares insights from caring for her husband Major Larry S. Potter, USAF Retired, who had Vascular Dementia (VaD). She also authored “How in the World…and Now What Do I Do?”—an Alzheimer’s primer in several languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic) outlining 12 major points for coping better with dementia.

About ICA

The International Caregivers Association (ICA) is a leading organization Dr. Ethelle Lord founded over 20 years ago to advance dementia education and services. ICA provides coaching, training, and consulting to improve care in facilities worldwide. ICA has offices in Maine and California, USA and serves a global clientele. For more information, please visit the ICA website.

More About CPPAP

The CPPAP establishes a new gold standard through rigorous specialized training, family involvement as Care Partners, and 24/7 access to dedicated nurses and coaches. This innovative model aims to revolutionize dementia care by maintaining relationships and dignity at the heart of person-centered services. Three major differences set CPPAP facilities apart: the dedicated dementia coach position, dramatically lower staff turnover and burnout, and high levels of family involvement. The program aims to revolutionize dementia care through new staffing models, training and a relationship-based approach focused on humanity. For more information, please see the CPPAP website.

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