Miami, FL, September 6, 2023. Attorney J.B. Harris has filed a $75 million law suit against attorneys James Webb and Mitrani, Rynor, Adamsky & Toland for hijacking a multi-million dollar confidential settlement agreement with tobacco giants R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. and Philip Morris USA Inc.

Harris’s lawsuit has created a stir in the South Florida legal community. The case revolves around a multi-million dollar confidential settlement agreement Harris reached with tobacco giants R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris on behalf of scores of survivors whose loved ones became sick and died from their addiction to nicotine contained on cigarettes, before the government force the cigarette industry to place warning labels on its cigarette packages.

Known for his tenacity and commitment to justice, Harris alleges that Webb and his partners negligently interfered with these negotiations, seeking instead to steal food from the mouths of innocent widows and orphans.

Harris’s determination to see this through is evident in the high-stakes nature of the $75 million lawsuit he has filed.

The lawsuit not only highlights the scale of the potential settlement, it also sheds light on the complex dynamics of legal negotiations. Harris had dedicated a significant amount of time and families. However, the alleged interference by Webb and his partners has thrown a wrench into the process, leading to this legal battle.

Despite the challenges, Harris remains focused on his clients’ best interests. He understands the importance of fighting for justice and ensuring that those affected by the harmful consequences of smoking not only have their voices heard, but receive compensation, as well. Harris’s extensive experience and expertise in handling high-profile cases make him a formidable opponent for Webb and his legal team.

As the lawsuit progresses, the legal community eagerly awaits the outcome, recognizing the potential implications it may have on future settlements with tobacco companies. Harris’s dedication to seeking justice serves as a reminder of the importance of holding corporations accountable for their actions and ensuring that victims receive the compensation they deserve.

In the face of adversity, J.B. Harris remains resolute, committed to fighting for the rights of his clients and pursuing justice against the powerful tobacco industry. The outcome of this lawsuit will undoubtedly shape the landscape of tobacco litigation and set a precedent for future cases.