NAVtoBC, a technology partner entirely dedicated to providing fixed-fee upgrades of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the fully cloud-based Business Central, today announces the launch of their new website and online quoting system.

Formed by industry specialists aiming to fill a significant gap in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP market, NAVtoBC replaces costly reimplementation projects with complete, full-service upgrades that include migration of the entire NAV database.

“The reality is, many NAV users simply want their current systems and processes moved to the cloud,” says Mike Kristensen, Co-founder of NAVtoBC. “People want to reap the benefits of the modern BC cloud platform but fear the time, cost and general disruption they will experience if they undergo a reimplementation. This is stalling digital transformation and holding businesses back. Microsoft has gone forward with the cloud-first approach, and the laggards will have a hard time remaining competitive. We know Business Central is the best choice for most people on NAV, and we know we can get them there faster and easier than forcing them to undergo a complete reimplementation. With the NAVtoBC upgrade services, fewer critical decisions must be made, leading to a quicker time-to-completion and less disruption to the business. It’s pretty simple.”

While reimplementations are the current choice of most Partners, the cloud benefits can be difficult for end-users to imagine when their business faces a costly and timely project that requires hundreds of hours of workshopping and business process reassessments. Couple that complexity with the current constraints in resources across the market and the seeming unwillingness of most Partners to migrate legacy data into the new system, and current NAV customers are at increased risk, with mainstream support ending for the latest NAV 2018 version in January of 2023.

Moving to the cloud means access to automatic updates, continued Microsoft support, enhanced security, feature availability, future scalability, workforce mobility, and more. But, reimplementations create limits, like losing historical data and eliminating a business’s ability to leverage a solution like Comos to get proper YOY comparison reporting.

“On the surface, a reimplementation seems like the right or only choice for organizations running NAV,” says Jeremy Grant, Co-founder and 32-year Microsoft channel industry veteran at NAVtoBC. “And in some cases, it is, especially when the implemented NAV system is broadly failing or not properly functioning for the company. But when we took a good look at most cases, we realized there could be an easier, faster, and better way to do this. We truly believe that a complete migration is the best path for many people still hesitating to move to the cloud. Companies can now retain an ERP that is working for their organization, with all their data and history, while simultaneously gaining the security, accessibility, scalability, and lower-cost and maintenance benefits of Business Central cloud. Overall, we want to serve this industry and get more companies switched over to Business Central without the stress and strain of a traditional reimplementation.”

NAVtoBC offers a unique solution to the problems of both partners and end-users by focusing on complete, full-service upgrades and nothing more.

By performing only the migrations, NAVtoBC works for Partners and end-users alike, with the ability to deliver white-label services to the Partners, who can continue to sell upgrades without worrying about capacity issues or eating into their profitability. Partners can offer competitively priced services that keep their clients on the latest cloud ERP technology while ensuring they retain all licensing, support, and service contracts. End-users get ALL their customizations, third-party add-ons, and historical data, and no one gets a surprise bill.

NAVtoBC has consistently delivered on this promise, and customers who have already successfully used the services are enthusiastic about the results:

“Our company contracted with NAVtoBC on a major upgrade of MS Navision (2009) to Business Central (cloud based).  Their team made the transition quickly, accurately, and paid attention to all of the unique details we requested.  Our company had several modifications and NAVtoBC was on point with implementing every one of them.  In addition to knocking out our upgrade, they nailed the post-implementation support.  Any nuance, change, or addition was addressed timely and with precision.  Five stars!” says Monica Trout, Controller at Intech Services, Inc.

Best of all, NAVtoBC’s fixed-price quoting process can be easily accessed online and takes less than 20-minutes to complete, with a personalized quote delivered in a few days or less.

Learn more about how NAVtoBC will revolutionize the way tens of thousands of businesses still running NAV can move to its modern successor, Business Central, and enjoy the benefits of the cloud by visiting  


About NAVtoBC

NAVtoBC is completely dedicated to providing the fastest, most budget-friendly full-service upgrades from Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) to Microsoft’s cloud ERP successor, Dynamics 365 Business Central, all at a fixed-fee. As a unified force of highly skilled Microsoft-certified professionals, adept engineers, and seasoned functional consultants, we work from a single, unwavering commitment to ease the transition to the cloud without surprises or compromises.

With 225+ years of cumulative experience in the Microsoft ERP industry, the NAVtoBC team identified a prevalent challenge: shifting from on-premise NAV to the cloud-based, adaptable Business Central was usually too disruptive, costly, and risky. The transition process often throws up a gauntlet of intricate re-establishments, exhaustive timelines, rigid data choices, and steep development expenditures—an ordeal that many businesses tend to postpone or find too overwhelming to undertake.

So, we fixed it.

Visit to learn more about how fast, easy, and affordable your cloud upgrade can be.

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