Trees, just like other plants, are good to have around. Aside from the aesthetics, they infuse freshness and life into your outdoor space. However, as much as you love maintaining your trees, certain conditions make removing a part of them or the whole tree necessary.

From dangerous trunk holes, to their proximity to electrical wires and poles, trees may become a threat to you and the whole community. Removing a tree by yourself can be extremely stressful and dangerous; the best option is to consider professional tree stump removal in Houston, TX. So how do you know a tree is due for urgent removal?

The following are the most prominent signs that you need the services of a tree removal company:

– Exposed roots 

Under no condition should you see your tree’s root. When the root of a tree is visible, that indicates there is already a problem!

In many cases, the root of a tree gets exposed following a natural calamity. Regardless of what caused it, a tree’s root could be exposed halfway through. This makes the tree lean on one side, and it may be tilted towards your house or neighbor’s property. Even if the tree tilts towards an open space in your yard, it remains dangerous, and you should remove it as soon as possible. The reason is simple: it can collapse anytime, and you never know who or what it would impact.

– Closeness to electricity cables

You may have heard of forest fires resulting from trees colliding with powerlines. While this seems like a very rare possibility, it’ll surprise you to know that it happens often. 

If a small branch of your tree converges with a cable, you could easily prune it yourself- if you have the right tree-cutting tools. However, if bigger branches touch a powerline, it’s best to let a tree removal company deal with it.

Even if there’s only a slight risk of the tree encountering a strong wind or storm, you should remove your tree if it’s close to a cable as early as possible.

– Trunk cavities

Tree cavities most likely signify a decay in the tree’s structure- and it’s a sign you shouldn’t ignore. If you spot a cavity or hollow area in the trunk of a tree, it probably means there is a structural problem. If it’s a mature tree with a cavity in the trunk, especially if the bark around it is withered, it might mean the tree is closer to death. A tree cavity means you should remove the tree quickly.

– Leaning position

Even if the roots aren’t exposed, a tree may lean to the side for other reasons. Arborists agree that if a tree’s tilt isn’t more than 20 degrees, it’s normal-so you have nothing to stress about. However, if the lean is more than that, you should contact specialists in tree removals in Houston, TX

It’s even more urgent if the tree has dead leaves on one side of the tilt and fresh leaves on the other.


Having understood the major signs that call for tree removal, you should contact a company with local experience in Texas. Did we mention that our professionals are the best at what they do? Visit our website today!