(Pictured above: Kenzo relaxes on his own time, while his UnFranchise Business can work for him.)

Meet Kenzo Lim or @kenzokobayashi on social media, the Motives Beauty Advisor and Certified Trainer who’s redefining the world of beauty and entrepreneurship. At 40 years old (though he looks nothing like it), Kenzo’s story is a mix of passion, innovation, and dance routines that resonate with the 18 to 30-year-old crowd. Preserving his skin and taking care of himself is vital to him, and his must-have products play a role in this goal. If you’re looking for a tale that’s as vibrant and youthful as the millennial vibe, Kenzo’s got it…and then some!

Catching the Motives Wave

Kenzo’s ride with Motives started in 2015 when he was introduced to SHOP.COM products by a Facebook friend. He officially joined as an UnFranchise Owner (UFO) on the launch date of Market Malaysia. Collabs with big-name brands, magazines, events, artists, and celebs had Kenzo saying, “This is it!” He was all in to becoming an UnFranchise Owner.

Leveling Up with Knowledge and Fam

Kenzo’s grind wasn’t about formal beauty training; it was about passion, hustle and entrepreneurship. So, when he started his UnFranchise Business, he hit up every training session, becoming a beauty advisor and a Motives Certified Trainer. Investing in every single Motives product sold through Market Malaysia, he was all about showing the full range to his customers – the products he liked most and soon, he started finding out what his new customers liked the most as well.


Pictured above: At a recent event, Kenzo was asked to wear traditional Malaysian clothing, which for men is called the Baju Melayu. This includes a long-sleeved shirt, which is worn over trousers, accompanied by a short sarong, which is called a sampling, wrapped around his hips.


His dedication and hard work didn’t go unnoticed. Kenzo was asked to coordinate the first, second and fourth runway showcases for Market Malaysia’s annual events. This was a huge honor and made him feel like part of the Motives beauty family. As of this month, he has conducted close to 200 Motives beauty training sessions, a testament to his belief in himself and passion for beauty products.


(Pictured above: Kenzo enjoys a beverage at one of Market Malaysia’s partner stores.)

Saying YOLO to Market America

Why did Kenzo say YOLO to Market America? Because of the UnFranchise System, baby! A proven model for over 30 years, it’s all about owning your own business and making that extra cash without the traditional franchise expenses. Kenzo saw the potential in turning everyday spending into earning and shared this vision with his crew, growing his team from 4 to 50 members. For Kenzo, he knew this was the right opportunity at the right time.


(Pictured above: Kenzo is a product of the product and takes advantage of indulging in Lumiere de Vie’s line of skincare products, including the exfoliating masque, which is one of his favorite products.)

 Must-Have Products

Kenzo’s must-haves include:

These products reflect Kenzo’s diverse interests in beauty, fitness, and health. He believes they play a role in his personal routine for preserving his skin and striving to maintain a youthful appearance.


(Pictured above: Kenzo and members of his UnFranchise Team, called the Iron Triangle Elite, practice a new dance routine that will be posted on social media but also, according to Kenzo, has hidden value for each team member.)


Belief, Growth, and Dance Routines? Yes, Please!

Kenzo’s belief in himself and his team is what fuels his success. He’s all about action over talk, trusting in the power of influence, and the support of his squad.

But here’s where Kenzo really breaks the mold: his unique approach to team motivation through dance routines. At the end of every training session, his team picks a song, creates a dance routine, and records it for TikTok. While the team members think it’s just about fun, to Kenzo, it’s so much more.

Dancing with a Purpose

The dance routine isn’t just a playful finale; it’s a smart business strategy. It’s about bonding, chilling out, and leaving on a high note. But it goes deeper. The dance routine serves as a metaphor for teamwork, creativity, and the ability to adapt to new challenges. It’s a physical manifestation of the training session’s content, a way to remember specific discussions, and a method to reinforce learning.

But there’s an even more powerful point here. These dance routines are a way that Kenzo is teaching his team that he isn’t actually motivating them, but they are motivating themselves. By the success of learning these dance routines, by the positive energy they take away from these training sessions, they turn all the positive vibes into ongoing belief in themselves. They realize that they can grow a successful UnFranchise Business. It’s not just about dancing; it’s about building confidence, camaraderie, and a shared sense of accomplishment.

(Pictured above: Kenzo takes time to treat himself at a luxury café during a recent trip.)


Living the Dash and Leading the Elite

Kenzo’s philosophy of “living the dash” resonates with the words of Market America’s founder, JR Ridinger. The “dash” represents the time between birth and death, the legacy we leave behind, and the impact we have on others. It’s about making the most of our precious time on this planet, acting with purpose, and waking up determined.

Kenzo’s team, the Iron Triangle Elite, symbolizes strength, trust, and the belief that everyday men and women can become elite. While most of his team members focus on growing their beauty business through Motives, some also focus on TLSSlim, the company’s weight management program, and health & nutrition, including an entire line of health supplements that use an isotonic delivery system.

The Final Beat

Kenzo Lim’s story is a playlist of passion, belief, and thinking outside the box. From beauty products to dance routines that are more than just fun, his approach to business and entrepreneurship is as lit as his target market. Whether you’re into beauty, entrepreneurship, or just a good dance, Kenzo’s journey is a reminder that success can be a fun and fulfilling party. So why not join the dance?

(Check out Kenzo’s Instagram page: @kenzokobayashi)