As a food delivery driver, getting a big tip can really improve your work. Conversely, getting no tip can really bring you down. Delivery drivers searching for “delivery jobs near me“ to make extra money can use the below advice to help maximize their tips. And remember, even if the tip is set before delivering an order, the customer’s experience could impact tips on future orders, or even the opportunity to get an extra cash tip when dropping off their current order. It’s important to keep the below advice in mind no matter how or when you receive the tip.

Review customer instructions

Most ordering platforms have a section for the customer to provide details about their order, whether it’s how they want a food item prepared, or what the delivery driver should do when they drop off the order. Carefully reviewing the instructions may help you get a better tip. If the customer asked for extra ketchup, but the restaurant forgot, you can grab some before you leave the restaurant. Or a customer who lives in an apartment building may have special instructions on how to enter the building. If you follow their instructions, they may reward you for paying attention and saving them some hassle.

Larger delivery orders

Typically speaking, a customer is going to tip based on a percentage of the total order. Larger restaurant orders, grocery shopping orders, or catering orders are more likely to net you a larger tip than someone ordering a $3 breakfast sandwich. It should be noted that some apps may only unlock larger orders for drivers who have reached a particular level or rank in the app. So, by completing smaller orders, you can reach new levels to help you earn even more with larger orders.

Look professional

We get it. Delivering food for hours in your car or on a bike can be tiring. And you want to be comfortable. But when it comes down to it, it’s a job like many others. Looking professional–wearing a shirt or uniform that’s issued to you; greeting your customer with a smile–may help you earn a larger tip if the customer thinks you really care about what you do and take pride in it.

Deliver when it’s raining

When it’s raining, chances are more people will be ordering takeout, which means more chances to accept orders. And because customers don’t want to go out in the rain, they may reward you with an extra tip for saving them a trip outside. If you choose to deliver during inclement weather, always be mindful of road conditions and avoid travel if conditions permit it.

Keep extra condiments, utensils, and napkins with you

Another tip that may help you earn extra on your tip is to keep delivery supplies handy at all times. If you have a customer who’s missing condiments, utensils, or napkins because the restaurant forgot to pack them, you may be rewarded for helping them get what they need.

Watch the clock

Late orders are almost assuredly going to impact your delivery tip negatively. Sometimes it may be unavoidable, like if there’s a delay at the restaurant, but if you’re constantly late because you’ve accepted too many orders or you’re making unscheduled stops before making your food delivery, that could lead to a lower tip, or worse, no tip at all. If the delay isn’t something you can help, you may want to communicate with the diner why you’re delayed. Keeping them updated on the delivery status could go a long way to ensuring their satisfaction.

Go above and beyond when delivering groceries

Many food delivery platforms now offer services where delivery drivers shop for grocery store and home good items at supermarkets, pharmacies, or convenience stores. These orders can be great ways to earn when you’re not delivering restaurant orders, and they offer more ways to boost your tips.

When shopping for a customer’s items, take special care to get the right items, note if you can’t get an item, and when delivering the bags of groceries, help the customer bring the bags inside if you think they need a hand.

When you’re looking to maximize your tips for delivering food, there are a number of simple things you can do to help your own cause. These little tricks may help you go from a standard tip to an exceptional one every time you deliver.


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