World Services Group Employment & Labor Group Publishes European Country-By-Country Whistleblower Report

Updates indicate that companies are placing an extremely high value on establishing clear and concise standards of protection for whistleblowers across the European Union

The World Services Group (WSG) Employment and Labor Group has published a European Whistleblower Report, offering important country-by-country updates on minimum standards of protection for whistleblowers across the European Union.

On 16 December 2019, the Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the Protection of Persons Who Report Breaches of Union Law (also referred to as the „Whistleblowing Directive“) (the „Directive“) entered into force. The aim of the Directive is to ensure minimum standards of protection for whistleblowers across the European Union. EU Member States were required to transpose the Directive into national law until 17 December 2021. National laws must meet the minimum requirements of the Directive, but it is up to the national legislator to create more stringent regulations at the national level and to extend the scope of application.

In response, WSG network law firms in more than 20 European jurisdictions collaborated to create the European Whistleblower Report, which provides knowledge on the implementations of the EU Whistleblowing Directive in the different Member – as well as Non-Member – States that have their own statutory rules regarding the protection of whistleblowers. The report also serves as a tool for international companies to learn about the new legal framework and adapt to the specifics of each country. It sheds light on the legal requirements and highlights the strategic value of effective whistleblowing mechanisms for risk management and corporate image.

The key country-by-country areas of focus and updates addressed in the report include corporate obligations and processes designed to protect whistleblowers. To access the full WSG European Whistleblower Report, click here.

“The European Whistleblower Report is demonstrative of the on-going collaboration by World Services Group (WSG) members to proactively share jurisdictional knowledge to benefit our global WSG colleagues and clients. In addition to providing detailed country-specific insights, the report also provides local WSG contacts to answer practitioner queries,” stated Florina Thenmayer, Principal Associate at DORDA and WSG Employment and Labor Group member.

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