Teens and young adults struggling with mental and emotional health problems or who have suffered trauma and are struggling to move past it may need more help than their parents can provide. Programs such as Uinta Academy can offer the professional help young people need to overcome these daunting challenges. 

Uinta Academy provides different clinical approaches tailored to meet a student’s needs. This program teaches young people the skills they need to progress even after leaving their residential treatment program. Uinta provides a solid academic foundation to the young people in its care, which boosts students’ academic progress and improves their mental and emotional health and well-being.


Individualized Academic Programming

The low student-to-teacher ratio is vital to success at Uinta. Each teacher has only four students to work with, which enables the teacher to provide personalized instruction and help to struggling students. Teachers can customize learning material, adapt study times, and adjust teaching styles to meet student needs. Small class size also helps teachers deal with issues that could make it hard for students to learn in a regular school setting. 

Studies show that students in small groups who receive individual attention from teachers perform better on tests than students in large classes. Moreover, progress is more expansive than in a single grade or period. Personal care and attention from a teacher promote long-term academic success.

Students at Uinta Academy have the tools and training they need to continue to academically evolve even after leaving the program. Continuing to support students’ academic pursuits opens educational opportunities that can lead to a successful career in the future. Students learn to organize themselves, pay attention in class, and persevere when learning is complex. They also learn to prioritize their work to finish their homework on time, develop critical thinking skills, manage their time effectively, and love learning. This individualized academic support promotes a student’s self-esteem. Students who gain self-confidence as they master their studies are prepared to handle life challenges that could derail a young person with low self-esteem. 

Teens and young adults who participate in residential treatment need therapy. At the same time, they also need to learn essential life skills to help them manage their lives and make intelligent decisions. Uinta Academy is passionate about assisting its students to make academic progress and find future success.