Clear aligners are a popular orthodontic treatment option that boasts major benefits. From having quicker treatment times to being virtually invisible, aligners are a great way to straighten your teeth. So how can one find the best clear aligner company for them? It starts with comparing your needs and wants against available aligner companies.

How clear aligners work

Clear aligners may appear different from the traditional metal braces we know and love, but they work relatively the same. Aligners are made of a durable plastic that shifts teeth over time with subtle pressure. The plastic trays are designed from an initial mold or digital scan taken of your teeth at the beginning of treatment.

From there, aligner trays will need to be switched out every week to a month according to the aligner company’s instructions. Every subsequent aligner will implement a slight change that will help to guide your teeth into their new position. Because aligners do not have the same mechanics as braces, they’re not recommended for all cases, especially severe dental problems.

How to choose an aligner company

With so many options out there, choosing an aligner company is no easy feat. You’ll want to consider a number of aspects when finding the right option for you. Below are a few things to consider:


Different aligner companies will have varying abilities to help you with your case. While severe dental problems typically don’t warrant aligners, this treatment method can work for mild and moderate cases. It’s smart to consult with an orthodontist to ensure your eligibility for aligners.

If your treatment needs are more complex, you’re going to need a qualifying orthodontist to preside over your case. Some orthodontic offices have exclusive partnerships with a specific aligner company, while others may not offer aligners at all. Not only is it crucial to find an aligner company that fits your needs, but also an orthodontist who is able to assist with your treatment.


With aligners, you can decide between the tried-and-true in-office aligner treatment and the newly introduced at-home aligner treatments. The latter is much cheaper than the orthodontist-guided treatment. But keep in mind that there are a number of risks involved in at-home treatment, including no check-ins from an orthodontist. Picking an aligner company can be largely based on affordability, but it’s important to intersect that with treatment safety.

Length of time

Generally, the amount of time it takes for your specific treatment will depend on your unique case. However, that’s not to say some aligner companies won’t offer a more streamlined treatment. Some companies offer clear aligners that work more quickly than others, so that’s something to keep in mind when deciding which option is right for you.

The bottom line

As aligners become a more desirable orthodontic treatment method, more companies have popped up than ever. While it can seem daunting to navigate all of the choices, it is helpful to know that there is a perfect option that fits your wants and unique needs.

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