Originally founded in 2015 as an online retailer of second-hand iPhones,
Kili.com.au has evolved into a premier online curated department store.

This e-commerce leader stocks a wide range of products across diverse categories.

On Kili.com.au shoppers can find great deals on products such as sports & outdoors, diecast toy models, electronics, tools, and now finally, home improvement.

Kili currently boasts a product range of around 500 different products.

The new line of home improvement products contains a variety of essential item ranges, such as: garden, lighting, kitchen, bathroom, and security & surveillance.

At the moment Kili remains a leader in the niche category of diecast toy models.
Their collection range includes contemporary, vintage, heavy equipment, airplanes, and military models.

“We love providing our shoppers with a curated shopping experience. We see ourselves as an e-commerce version of Neiman Marcus,” says managing partner Erick Maleko.

Kili derives its name from the world’s highest freestanding mountain- Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

“A common myth is that Everest is the highest mountain, but that’s because it’s on the Himalayas. Measured from sea level Kilimanjaro is number one,” adds Erick.

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