For multimedia systems professional Asaf Guttman, there are many things to love about scale model racing. As a hobby, it combines his passion for cars and technology. As a scale modeler, Guttman is the most passionate about racing his automotive creations against fellow enthusiasts at model racing events. At such events, he’s won numerous races, both recently and in years gone by.

There’s plenty more to enjoy in the hobby, too, according to the New Jersey-based enthusiast, who focuses mainly on 1:10 scale models. To demonstrate, he shares a closer look at his passion for scale model racing, starting with an insight into the hobby.

What Is Scale Model Racing?

Scale model racing is also known as RC or radio-controlled racing. Scale model or RC racing involves buying or building replicas of real-life cars and competing against other hobbyists on purpose-built tracks. Within model racing, scales vary, with those used for racing typically employing slightly different proportions to, for example, purely decorative die-cast cars.

Arguably the most popular and commonly seen size among models used for racing is the 1:10 scale. It’s 1:10 scale models that enthusiast Asaf Guttman builds and races. Larger 1:5 scale models can also be used for racing, as can much smaller 1:24 scale examples. 1:24 scale racing models are often called mini or micro RC cars.

The Thrill of Scale Model Racing

Enthusiasts like Asaf Guttman revel in scale model racing for many reasons. That includes a love of cars and other automobiles more generally. Many also have a passion for physically modeling different vehicles. In this case, that’s high-performance racing cars, where fitting the correct powertrains and other necessary equipment is vital.

However, the biggest draw to the hobby is almost certainly the thrill of the race. Scale model racing is high-octane and highly competitive. Dedicated RC racing tracks exist across the country and are, as one might expect, a popular meeting point for the hobby’s fans.

Guttman has proved himself as a skilled racer, picking up several podium and first-place finishes in 1:10 scale model racing during his years in the hobby.

Other Perks of Scale Modeling

According to Asaf Guttman, scale modeling isn’t exclusively about racing. Although it’s racing that he’s most passionate about, the multimedia systems professional also delights in various other aspects of the hobby. Alongside the thrill of scale model racing, these aspects include the hobby’s creative side and socializing opportunities.

Creative Outlet

Scale modeling is a fantastic creative outlet, whether racing or not. That’s because crafting scale model cars requires an artistic eye and attention to detail. The same is true in almost any form of scale modeling, such as railroad trains and wargaming. Many scale modelers focused on automotive and racing find significant satisfaction in hand-painting their cars and applying custom liveries.

Multimedia systems professional Asaf Guttman is also a talented designer. Design is a skill that he’s, therefore, able to employ both in his day-to-day work and as a seasoned scale model racing enthusiast.

Technical Aspect

There’s also a technical aspect to the scale model racing hobby – something that Guttman is particularly passionate about. Scale model racing cars are available as factory-assembled vehicles, build-it-yourself kits, or as parts to assemble entirely from scratch. For many enthusiasts, there’s enormous enjoyment in building a model from scratch before racing it.

Alongside 1:10 scale model racing, one of Guttman’s biggest passions is technology. That includes the technology behind engineering and design, in particular. As such, the technical aspect of scale model racing is something the multimedia systems professional deeply enjoys and excels at.

Social Opportunities

Racing scale model cars is great for socializing. Asaf Guttman and others from the hobby meet regularly at scale model racing events.

Furthermore, with its roots in traditional auto racing, scale model racing simultaneously attracts enthusiasts from other associated hobbies and interests. For example, Guttman is a life-long lover of high-performance cars and trucks, meaning that scale model racing allows him to indulge in two of his biggest passions while also socializing at the same time.

Race-Winning Scale Modeler Asaf Guttman

Guttman is an experienced multimedia systems professional from Essex County, New Jersey. He owns Alpha Tech Media, a successful Montclair-based IT company. The company specializes in designing and engineering multimedia systems and other audiovisual technologies.

Highly educated, Guttman is a Saint Leo University, New York University, and Union County College graduate. He studied computer information systems at Saint Leo University, completed an engineering program at New York University, and majored in engineering at Union County College.

Today, he is a two-time AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist and maintains over 25 other pieces of professional accreditation. Alongside his love of scale model racing, Guttman’s other hobbies, interests, and pastimes include international travel and volunteering for various good causes. He lives in the Essex County township of Bloomfield in New Jersey.