ICNA Relief is among a multitude of Muslim-led community organizations committed to building equitable and empowered communities throughout the country.


Washington, DC –  5/13/2023 – During the State Department’s annual Eid celebration at Blair House (The President’s Guest House) on Tuesday, May 09, Secretary of State Antony Blinken recognized two ICNA Relief USA staff members, Fazal Wahab Mumtaz, and Meena Khalilur Raman, who themselves came as refugees and ICNA Relief USA helped them stand on their feet.

Both Mumtaz and Raman are Afghan nationals who moved to the United States during the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021. Now as emerging leaders in the American-Muslim community, based out of ICNA Relief’s office in Alexandria, Virginia, they help provide essential social services such as health care and transitional housing to refugee populations across the country, including to tens of thousands of Afghan refugees.

The reception was held at Blair House and was attended by elected officials, philanthropists, and community leaders. The event celebrated the achievements of organizations that have made a significant impact in and beyond their communities, highlighting the importance of service and working together to build a better society for all.

“The leaders in this room reflect the reality that Muslim Americans are a vital part of the fabric of this country,” Secretary Blinken said.

He went on to commend the community leaders in the room for “[reflecting] so much of the spirit of Eid – the desire to serve, compassion for the newcomer, a commitment to building a community. And you are, as we would say, paying it forward in a very profound way.”

In response to these remarks, ICNA Relief CEO Maqsood Ahmed shared, “I dedicate this recognition by Secretary Blinken to our staff, volunteers, and donors whose selfless support has helped us to make a positive difference in the lives of thousands around us. We are committed to making our country a better place for future generations.”


About ICNA Relief

ICNA (the Islamic Circle of North America) Relief is a social services and disaster relief organization with offices across the country. With services ranging from food pantries and women shelters, to mobile health clinics and refugee assistance, ICNA Relief is dedicated to helping those in need across the United States in whatever way it can. Motivated by our Muslim faith to help our neighbors, ICNA Relief supports the less fortunate regardless of race, religion, or any other identity.

To learn more about ICNA Relief, please visit icnarelief.org.

Ammar Ahmed
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