BOC Sciences unveils its comprehensive capabilities of custom peptide drug conjugate from project design to commercial production.

New York, United States—April 26, 2023—BOC Sciences, a leading CRO in the USA, unveils its comprehensive capabilities for custom peptide drug conjugate from project design to commercial production. With its well-established conjugation platform, BOC Sciences supports pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients at the forefront of drug conjugation.

Peptide-drug conjugates (PDCs) are mainly used in anti-cancer therapy, which integrates the advantages of small molecular weight, high tumor penetration, low immunogenicity, large-scale synthesis using solid phase synthesis, low production cost, relatively good pharmacokinetics, and so on. Peptides selected for PDCs can specifically target protein receptors overexpressed in tumor tissue and have strong binding affinity for the target site within nanomolar amounts, such as cell- targeting peptides (CTPs) and cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs).

BOC Sciences’ comprehensive conjugation platform, coupled with its strong small molecule chemistry capability, provides a one-stop solution for peptide drug conjugate development and manufacturing. The company utilizes its proprietary peptide techniques to identify candidate peptides selected by clients from BOC Sciences’ peptide library and optimize hit peptides into therapeutic peptide products. Additionally, from peptide synthesis and modifications to peptide conjugates, the company will ensure substantial purity.

BOC Sciences can produce payloads of PDCs through its advanced technologies including fermentation. With its streamlined fermentation process and extensive expertise, the company is able to give customers GMP-grade products from small to large scale-up. Furthermore, each peptide drug conjugate is meticulously monitored during synthesis and controlled according to its quality assurance and quality control standards. And the final product is identified by NMR and MS as well as X-ray crystallography and the purity is analyzed by HPLC or appropriate analytical methods. Advanced quality assurance procedures are also followed independently to double guarantee the high quality of every delivered product.

“We know PDCs have strong tumor penetration, low production cost, and low immunogenicity. Compared with other drug conjugates, PDCs have a wider industrial base and clinical value. Our conjugation platform and experience allow us to further forge partnerships with customers who depend on our capabilities for the development and commercial production of high-quality peptide drug conjugates.” Said the marketing manager at BOC Sciences.

About BOC Sciences

BOC Sciences specializes in small molecule synthesis, biosynthesis, purification, characterization, etc. After years of expansion, it has established a series of advanced chemical synthesis laboratories, fermentation facilities, QA systems, and so forth. BOC Sciences offers high-quality products for its esteemed customers in academia, pharmaceuticals, biotech, CDMO, material sciences, and agriculture to support research and production needs.

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