A sabbatical can be a rewarding break that provides useful time away to reflect and reset. But what happens once you’re back at work? How do you reengage and hit the ground running?  Here are some simple tips to help you find your everyday motivation again.

Jump back into your network

Renewing your network and connections can be an excellent and energizing way to jumpstart your motivation. Casual conversations with coworkers, coffee dates, and reconnecting with others in your industry through online message boards or in-person meetups can all be great ways to reignite relationships and bring you back in touch with your peers. You can use the time to catch up on the industry, talk about what you did during your sabbatical, and reconnect with your colleagues.

Remind yourself why you chose your career

Think back to when you started your career. What inspired you to choose that field? Consider writing out some of the reasons in a simple list, short journal entry, or whatever method works best for you. Take some time to review these reasons and think about where you began, where you are now, and what still excites you about your role. Reminding yourself why you chose your career path can give you the fuel to move forward and power through any lingering sabbatical inertia.

Get up to date on industry trends

There’s nothing quite like investigating what’s new and exciting to help spark your motivation. Are there any innovations in your field? After taking time away, reorient yourself to new developments and events happening in your industry. Search out online articles, books, magazines, podcasts, talks, and any other avenues where you can discover the latest trends and news. Familiarizing yourself with what’s cutting-edge can recharge your internal batteries and get you excited all over again.

Remember your goals

Think about your overall life goals and what you want to accomplish. How does dedicating yourself to your career now set you up to achieve those goals? From short-term goals to longer-term stretch goals, reminding yourself what you want to achieve can help you to reengage with your work in a meaningful way and stay motivated on a daily basis.

Take stock of your finances

Assessing your finances can be another way to motivate yourself after a sabbatical, especially if you have a new salary. What are your weekly, monthly, and yearly expenses? Note any changes to your budget. Are you on track for retirement? Is it time to look into a permanent life insurance policy like whole life insurance? What might help as you consider your larger financial picture? Thinking about your finances and the future can help you reengage with your career, return from your sabbatical, and restart your motivation anew.

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