ATLANTA, GA, February 9, 2023  – Miles Mediation & Arbitration, the largest ADR (alternative dispute resolution) provider in the Southeast, is pleased to announce that it has revamped its arbitration department and introduced additional technological tools and features on its website to make the arbitration process even easier for attorneys.

“Arbitration was intended to be a cost-effective, efficient alternative to litigation. However, over the years, the lack of transparency and client choice in the process has made arbitration cases no different than going to court. We redesigned this section of our website to give clients more control and to show them the value they’ll receive,” says Parag Shah, CEO of Miles Mediation & Arbitration. “Our new tools let clients choose the best resolution for their cases. We’ve made it simple for you to add an arbitration clause to a contract or to create a supplementary agreement that confirms that you’re opting for arbitration. You can also automatically generate a demand for arbitration form and calculate the estimated costs of an arbitration at Miles.”

The new arbitration section includes the following:

For more information, please call Liz Jow, arbitration manager, or Pragya Sharma, arbitration associate, at 888-305-3553 or email [email protected].

Miles Mediation & Arbitration is shaping the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) industry with our comprehensive professional services model that combines the expertise of our highly skilled, diverse panel of neutral with an unparalleled level of client support to guide and empower parties to fair, timely, and cost-effective resolution regardless of case size, specialization, or complexity. For more information, visit

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