WholesalePayroll, a revolutionary payroll platform created by and for payroll professionals, is preparing for consumer launch at the end of this year. In anticipation of its launch and the subsequent industry disruption that will cause, WholesalePayroll initiated a crowdfunding opportunity through WeFunder.
WholesalePayroll is a solution-driven, professional-focused payroll software designed to empower payroll professionals specifically with the tools, abilities, and freedom to run their businesses how they want.
While its sleek and accessible design might insinuate diluted firepower, that could not be further from the reality. WholesalePayroll is brimming with the solutions customers need and the features that they want. Inline and historical editing, 100% white labeling, and customizable fee structures, just to name a few, will be supported at launch.
Al Wagner, Founder and Chief Operating Officer, can speak to the wants and needs of payroll professionals because he is one. Having worked as a CPA from the early 1990s thru 2020 and solely in payroll for over 10 years, Al is keenly aware of the pain points that his colleagues are experiencing.
I invested in Wholesale Payroll because everyone with Wholesale Payroll is invested in not just creating a payroll platform, but actually improving the experience of their partners, said Kelly Young, CEO of Alpha Accounting and WholesalePayroll early-adopter and stakeholder. Al’s team has the expertise to understand the challenges of payroll and they are motivated as users to lead the change in providing payroll services. Ultimately, it is their desire to create a partnership with the professional and their genuine willingness to solicit and respond to feedback that led me to invest in Wholesale Payroll.
With the groundwork already laid and release day swiftly approaching, WholesalePayroll has opened its doors to potential stakeholders. Since their WeFunder site launched last month, they have received over $50,000 in pledges from investors eager to disrupt an industry largely controlled by a handful of corporations who benefit from the status quo.
In fact, a majority of the early stakeholders are from within the industry themselves – further emphasizing the enthusiasm that payroll professionals have for not just an alternative, but an alternative that puts their success first.
To accompany its upcoming SEC Form C filing pursuant to RegCF, WholesalePayroll engaged Mongio & Associates CPAs LLC to provide a GAAP Financial Review opinion of the company’s 2021 financial statements. In working to craft its SAFE Agreement, WholesalePayroll retained Husch Blackwell LLC.
To learn more, visit WholesalePayroll’s website and WeFunder page.