Reasons the international community is unable to end the war in Tigray

[ad_1] International strategic pursuits and home politics in Ethiopia are impeding the ending of hostilities in Tigray. The conflict in Tigray has resulted in a catastrophic humanitarian disaster. Worldwide and home observers had launched stories on gang rapes, extrajudicial killings,.

Nine-point plan to haul Ethiopia out of its quagmire

[ad_1] Ethiopia’s election needs to be postponed and a transitional technocratic authorities put in to keep away from unimaginable strife. An excessively simplistic narrative of the previous three a long time is that the Tigray Folks’s Liberation Entrance (TPLF) taught.

Bait and switch diplomacy: Abiy and Isaias’s two-act drama

[ad_1] Abiy and Isaias are producing a misleading drama to maintain Eritrean troops in Tigray.  The parliamentary session held on 23 March taught us, fairly sadly, that Ethiopia now not has sovereignty and that any overseas energy claiming nationwide safety.

The Neighbor-Love Week for National Reconciliation

[ad_1] A critical name for love, dialogue, and reconciliation from all main religions may alleviate Ethiopia’s political rigidity.  Ethiopia is an overwhelmingly spiritual nation. The Pew Analysis Heart discovered that 98 % of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Christians say that their.

Justice will not be served by a joint Ethiopian-UN inquiry into Tigray atrocities

[ad_1] UN human rights investigators shouldn't work with the Ethiopian Human Rights Fee, a state-funded establishment that lacks political independence. On three November, a navy battle erupted between the Ethiopian federal authorities and the regional authorities of Tigray. On 28.

Ethnofederalism: fact and fiction

[ad_1] Whereas elements of Ethiopia’s ethnofederalism could also be detrimental, eradicating it altogether may find yourself inflicting extra issues.  For not less than a yr, Ethiopian elites have been divided on whether or not Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is dedicated.

Ethiopia’s Oromo youth are disaffected—but also divided, co-opted, and demoralized

[ad_1] Co-option and ego-driven ideological splits assist clarify why renewed Oromo discontent just isn't resulting in a resurgent rebellion. Many anticipated a revitalized Oromo rebellion from the qeerroo youth motion after the arrest of the outstanding Oromo opposition leaders together.

Why peace will be elusive in Ethiopia’s civil war in Tigray

[ad_1] Regardless of a promise from Abiy Ahmed that Eritrean troops will depart the area, it's seemingly the struggle will proceed unabated till at the least the beginning of the wet season in June, and fairly probably past. The dire.

The politics and problems of Prosperity Party Gospel

[ad_1] The evangelical, anti-intellectual politics behind Abiy Ahmed’s Prosperity Celebration is an under-examined drive driving mass delusion, nationwide decline, and conflict. Within the final three many years, Ethiopia noticed stability and regular financial development. It additionally established itself as a.

Why do some brands endure over decades? Mehrzad Ferdows Answers

Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows believes that enduring brands are self-aware, principled, deliberate, adaptive, and focused. Mehrzad Manuel Ferdows, a leading entrepreneur, advisor, investor, and industrial Engineering graduate from the University of Southern California has given a speech at a conference held.