OMN: An ‘alien’ star in Ethiopia’s skewed media universe is ‘cancelled’

[ad_1] Oromia Media Community was a uncommon non-Amharic voice in Ethiopia’s media panorama. That's the reason its bureau was shutdown. Oromia Media Community (OMN) is an unbiased media enterprise established within the U.S. six and a half years in the.

በኢትዮጵያ የፈረጠመ የኃይል መዳፍ ውስጥ የቀጠናው የትብብር ኮረንቲ ያንጸባርቃል

[ad_1] የህዳሴው ግድብ ኢትዮጵያን ከመለወጥ አልፎ ለጎረቤቶቿም የሀብት ማማ ነው ሕዳሴ ግድቡን አስመልክቶ የከረሩ ሙግቶች ሊካሄዱ የሚችሉባቸው በርካታ አማራጮች ይኖራሉ፤ ‹ጉልህ ጉዳት ምንድን ነው› ከሚለው ሙግት አንስቶ ‹አወያዮች ወይስ እጅ ጠምዛዦች› እስከሚለው ውንጀላ ድረስ፣ ወይም ደግሞ በገራገሩ ግን የዋህነት በሚስተዋልበቱ.

Ethiopian power play can electrify regional cooperation

[ad_1] The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam can remodel Ethiopia even whereas it seems to be out for its downstream neighbors’ wants. From realized authorized debates on what defines ‘important hurt’, to allegations about mediators-turned-arm-twisters; the benign, however naïvely optimistic, discuss.

Tigray-federal tit-for-tat threatens trouble

[ad_1] Each the Home of Federation and Tigray’s authorities are performing unconstitutionally. Until the mutual antagonism ceases, battle could ensue. The Home of Federation (HoF) in its newest letter addressed to the Tigray Regional State Council demanded the latter to.

Aftershocks of an assassination

[ad_1] A killing, chaos, and a crackdown A fusillade of gunfire erupted about 6.30 within the morning of 30 June on the Bole Arabssa Condominium and the adjoining Ayat and Chefe areas of Addis Ababa. The cacophony unfold all through.

Investigators get more time as defence requests specifics

[ad_1] Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba’s attorneys need prosecutors to start out detailing the crimes every defendant is accused of Final week, Bekele Gerba and his Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) management colleague Jawar Mohammed appeared at Arada First Occasion Court.

Guji Oromo need freedom from liberators

[ad_1] In West and East Guji zones, the Oromo Liberation Military is just not dwelling as much as its identify From the day I arrived in Ethiopia from the U.S. in late February, I started accumulating details about the strife.

Transition on trial

[ad_1] The trials of main Oromo politicians Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba are underway in what's a take a look at case for Ethiopia’s democratic transition On 16 July, two main figures from the opposition Oromo Federalist Congress, Jawar Mohammed.

Neither premier’s power grab nor polls will unpick our political puzzle 

[ad_1] Editor’s notice: Publication of this text was delayed by the web shutdown. We're publishing the unique model quite than an up to date piece with the intention to spotlight its prescient evaluation of the political state of affairs previous.

The irrelevance of containment as an Ethiopian COVID-19 response

[ad_1] With neighborhood transmission now widespread, Ethiopia must spend scarce assets on therapy Sustaining containment as a COVID-19 public well being response has turn into irrelevant in Ethiopia for 2 causes. First, it's too late. Regardless of the dearth of.