“China Chic” is sweeping across the consumption market. Many brands, including fashion clothing brand LI-NING, F&B brands Wenheyou and Sexy Tea, set sail again with the tide of “China Chic”.

As a head enterprise in the domestic designer and collectible toy industry, 52TOYS has also been exploring innovative ideas to integrate Chinese culture into collectible toys. During its development, 52TOYS highlights novelties, prolongs the IP life in various ways, and produces wonderful fruits through a skillful connection of traditional culture with modern content.

Based on superior product innovation ability and IP operation ability, 52TOYS has endowed its collectible toys with new forms and values following the trend of “China Chic”, and is launching more high-quality cultural and creative products. Therefore, it has been recognized by the capital market and secured 400 million yuan in the Series C Funding, which marks the funding peak in the designer and collectible toy industry this year.

52TOYS intensifies its “China Chic” layout with successive new products

As for “China Chic”, Chen Wei, founder of 52TOYS, believes: “‘China’ refers to Chinese culture and Chinese brands, and ‘Chic’ indicates the pop culture. Therefore, ‘China Chic’ is to combine traditional Chinese culture with modern culture and to add cultural connotation to Chinese brands. It is a trend set off by the contemporary young Chinese who have developed national self-confidence.”

Targeted at designer and collectible toys, 52TOYS has been exploring innovative ideas to integrate Chinese culture into collectible toys. Taking the newly launched “Rouged Lips · Peipei” as an example, this series is inspired by a lyric of Li Qingzhao — “Rouged Lips · Off the Swing”, which depicts an innocent but graceful and restrained girl.

In fact, 52TOYS has established its “MODERN ANCIENT” product line since 2018 based on the concept of “surpassing tradition, activating history and inheriting culture”. With traditional Chinese elements and images such as noble ladies of the Tang Dynasty and Sanxingdui as the foundation, the historic culture and modern culture are creatively integrated and added to products like blind box and garage kits.

This year, 52TOYS further extends its product line on the basis of the “MODERN ANCIENT”, and launched new series like “Tradition Surpassing&activating — the Story of Noble Ladies’ Daily Life in Office”, “Tradition Surpassing&activating — Gorgeous Ladies” and “Horse Stepping on A Fat Swallow”.

“The designer and collectible toy industry requires “creativity” in itself, and coincides with the China Chic naturally.” said Chen Wei. 52TOYS will launch more collectible toys with China Chic elements.

Develop veritable China Chic IPs and products by virtue of creativity

Today, amid the prevalence of China Chic, many brands have been labeled “China Chic”. However, China Chic toy is not an easy track.

“I don’t think the random combination of Chinese culture and products represents a veritable China Chic”, said Chen Wei. He believes that the real China Chic should show rich creativity, it needs to combine Chinese culture with natural products based on ingenious design, and the toys should be vitalized through constant upgrading.

The products of 52TOYS mark the veritable China Chic toys because of their superior creativity.

For example, in “Rouged Lips · Peipei”, the ancient girls are modernized with the pet-loving characteristic of the contemporary people, with each girl accompanied by a certain pet. In “MODERN ANCIENT” — the Story of Noble Ladies’ Daily Life in Office, the noble ladies of the Tang Dynasty are imagined as contemporary office ladies, and presented in the representative office moments. “Horse Stepping on A Fat Swallow” modernizes the cultural relic “Horse Stepping on A Flying Swallow” of the Eastern Han Dynasty into a fat and cute version.

When traditional culture is combined with elements like modern aesthetics and trendy life, the images of noble ladies and cultural relics are activated from the stereotypes in traditional art and poetry, closely related to the contemporary world and more emotionally connected with the modern people. For this reason, they become the true “China Chic” collectible toys impressing the consumers. This has always been the orientation of 52TOYS.

In August this year, the brand store of 52TOYS in Kuanzhai Jiangzao Lab started its trial operation. The store is located in Kuanzhai Alley, a famous scenic spot in Chengdu. With “Panda Roll”, the latest original IP of the brand, as the major visual element, the representative local elements such as mahjong and hot pot are integrated into the overall background full of modern art, creating a unique visual effect.


What’s more, recently 52TOYS connected the Tang noble lady IP in the “MODERN ANCIENT ” series with cultural and tourism attractions with a long history and profound culture, such as Yong Qing Fang in Guangzhou and Grand Tang Mall in Xi’an.

Looking into the future, 52TOYS will seek cooperation with more cultural and tourism attractions and museums, to trigger resonance between local culture and products carrying Chinese traditional culture. Interesting and quality products will reshape people’s impression about the poor design of cultural and tourism products, arouse tourists’ interest and consequently have a bigger market share.

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