Lawyer Jon Parrish offers a unique insight into his life and the motivation to become an attorney.

Jon Parrish is a renowned attorney-turned-businessman from Naples, Florida. Committed to the importance of following whatever an individual is passionate about in life, Parrish has spent over 20 years in the Sunshine State’s legal field. Here, he provides a closer look at what keeps him motivated today.

(Jon Parrish Attorney) Attorney Jon Parrish reveals what keeps him motivated

“Even after decades in business and law, I remain motivated knowing that I’ve followed my passion,” explains attorney Jon Parrish, speaking from his home in Naples, Florida. Parrish sharing what keeps him motivated comes as the veteran attorney looks to inspire a new generation of lawyers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders.

The attorney was born in New Jersey, moving to Broward County, Florida, with his family as a child. After graduating from Nova High School in Davie and being awarded a National Merit Scholarship, he attended the University of Florida. Here, he achieved a bachelor’s degree in English literature.

For the next five years, Parrish enjoyed considerable success as a management information consultant. However, it wasn’t until he decided to head back to school to study law that he began to realize what would ultimately prove to be his professional passion in life.

Studying at Stetson College of Law in Gulfport, Jon Parrish excelled, graduating in the top 15 percent of his class and earning the Paul Barnard Award for Excellence in the process. “Just three years later, I’d established my own law firm in Naples, where I remain settled today,” reveals Parrish, emphasizing the importance of following your passion.

“Going out into business on my own was massively motivating,” he goes on to explain. “Done partly because I wanted to explore my full potential, it was also the result of having an inherently entrepreneurial spirit,” adds the highly qualified attorney.

Jon Parrish’s story of motivation continues, two decades on

Jon Parrish remained in trial practice at his law firm in Naples until relatively recently. Further testament to the importance of staying motivated, Parrish has since switched focus once more to further exercise what he calls unlimited creative thought.

“I’m now a partner in a large construction firm focused on high-end restoration and development,” reveals the attorney-turned-businessman. Today, he also further owns, operates, and manages several other companies in the same sector.

“My current position allows me to exercise unlimited creative thought,” says Parrish. “I’m forever on the move from one project to the next,” he points out, “and am more motivated than ever, knowing that many people rely on me to earn a living.”

Asked about any plans to retire, former law firm owner and attorney Jon Parrish says it’s not something that’s on the horizon, despite having contemplated it for a number of years now. “I’ve come to the realization that I’d miss the opportunities granted to me through my ongoing professional endeavors,” he adds, in closing, “and which continue to keep me so highly motivated in life more generally.”