In the lovely long summer evenings, you may crave to spend your free time evenings outdoor. If you have a huge friend circle, you may want to have your friends over at your house in the backyard. What else can you want in summers if not playing cards or having a heart-to-heart conversation with friends? The outdoor ambiance should do justice while doing such activities.

To your surprise, uplifting your garden or backyard game does not demand you too much to make it up to par. The simple step you can take to make your backyard an ideal place to play with your children in the summer evening is to install string lights. Let me explain what is a fairy light or string light is and how you can make your backyard or any place more attractive with these fairy lights. With string lights, you can achieve different types of setups, and that is only limited to your imagination or budget.

Difference Between String Light And Fairy Lights

You must have seen both types of lighting in your life. Christmas is around the corner, and we all know Christmas is incomplete without shiny lights. Suppose you are someone who has to choose between Fairy and string lights. Read the article, and you will find out which lighting you want for your place. Let’s start by explaining the differences i.e string lights vs fairy lights.

String Lights

Who does not know about the wreath luminaries’ string light? No doubt, they provide you with the best ambiance to play with the kids or enjoy a barbecue with family. They are known as string lights because large transparent bulbs are attached to a cable and are separated symmetrically.

The string lights are also known as Christmas lights because, initially, Christmas trees were decorated simply by the candle lights. Nowadays, the popularity of the string light has gone beyond the festive due to its orientation as a highly decorative object. It takes the snugness of the surroundings to the next level.

They can be made more appealing with droopy lanterns or by decorating the whole display (including the cable) following the theme of your event. It can sufficiently illuminate significant places with its white, warm light. You can adjust the brightness according to your wish. Mind you, proper installation of string lights is necessary to create a pleasant ambiance.

Fairy Lights

Mostly the lightning you used for Christmas tree decoration and home décor is with fairy lights. Fairy lights comprise small lamps arranged within proximity. Different sizes and colors are available, and you can choose according to your preferences. Fairy lights are suitable for lighting in small or confined places. Their lightning application is not as massive. Their usage is more of decorating objects rather than illuminating them like string lights. Hobnail fairy lights or fairy lamps can be clustered on the surface. They can be simple or very decorative.

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Common Types of String Light

Now, let’s move further and explore the types of string lights. Note that all these types of string light can be installed indoors or outdoors depending on the kind of environment you want to attain.

Vintage Lights

Vintage lights

Many people use them to create a retro ambiance. They are widely used in bars where the purpose is to create an attractive and outclass atmosphere. You can also use them in your backyard, and they are easy to recognize. They are also referred to as Edison light bulbs as they have an antique appearance. The decorative light bulbs are known for their simple bulb design and warm glow presence.

The inside wires of the bulb produce a golden light that creates an intimate environment. They are more durable and are a perfect choice if you are looking to obtain a romantic ambiance. Use lamps with LED filament if you want to obtain the best out of vintage lighting.

Rope Lights

Rope Lights

Rope lights are generally used to décor the home exterior but can be used inside the house. They are of two categories. The led light can be available with either simple or colored light illuminating the place with cold white or soft glow.

These can be costly, but they are worth the investment as they are highly durable and reliable. Another type of rope light comes in a form where light bulbs are wired using the rope. These are radiant lights that consume more energy and have higher heat output. These lights can consume twice the power of led lights but are less expensive.

Lantern Lights

Lantern Lights

Famous in eastern culture, these hanging lights have a bulb attached to a long wire and with a lantern surrounding each bulb. It is made up of tarpaulin, a fabric famous for its durability, making it suitable for outdoor use even in winters. Do you know about the hanging lantern light that runs on a solar power mechanism? You do not have to consume any electricity to enjoy the glow. If the product is good, the run time can be up to 15 hours with even a single solar charge.

Colored Lights

Colored lights

This category, I believe, is the one you are most familiar with. They are the most common lights used to décor the Christmas tree for decades. That’s why whenever you see this colored light, you imagine the stupefy season of Christmas. They can be available in a variety of colors and sizes. Their application varies from decorating a teenage room to making the backyard mesmerizing. You can use the same color light or mix and match the different colors to achieve your desired atmosphere. They give a very intimate and playful ambiance wherever you set them.

Wire Rope Lights

Wire Rope Lights

You may have noticed wire rope lights in the living or any other room of several households. Many tiny bulbs are attached with flexibility, and you can bend them according to your will. You can do specific fun ideas with wire rope lights, including writing something or making a particular shape.

They can be handy when you want to do some DIY fun with lights. You can hang them with your wall as a support to your polaroid. There can be various creative ideas regarding wire rope lights. Nowadays, they are also trending in wedding décor.

Fairy String Lights


Fairy lights, as their name suggests, are used to create a magical atmosphere in your backyard. In addition, to decorate a bedroom, they are becoming a popular choice for the illuminating outdoor ambiance.

They are used to create optical illusions, the same as when hundreds of fireflies gather together. Many people hang the fairy lights with the trees bushes, and trust me; the scene is worth watching.

The Top Reasons Why People Are Using String Lights?

To make parties and other social gatherings more enjoyable. Everyone uses string lights outside. Among other things, weddings, reunions, etc. In addition to offering warmth to the environment, these lights allow the participants to acclimate to the social atmosphere of the get-together. Here is

Fake a Real Fire

There are many places where using real fire can be unsafe. They can be used behind the fake fire created to give a flaming glow. Prop a simple medium string light so it can shine at the base of the flames. Fairy lights will provide you with a glow similar to the actual fire if you put it correctly.

Create Instant Task Lightening in The Kitchen

Task lighting is usually placed over the top of the counters and gives you a great view of your working space. With task lighting, you can have enough light while chopping vegetables. Under-cabinet task lighting helps you to recognize the quality of the product and read labels on jars. This can help you in deciding what to keep in your cabinets and what not to.

Light Up a Plain Corner

Do you know what you need if you want to make a corner of your house a comfort zone? Fairy lights. Among all the options available, fairy light can give you the most enjoyable ambiance. String them up in the shape of words or your favorite quotes, and you can create an aesthetically lit corner.

Bring More Color To The kid’s Room.

In addition to adding light, string light can add more colors to the kid’s room. You can make your artificial lights for the kid’s rooms by cutting and folding papers. You can get the look and color scheme of your own choice by gluing them in a fairy light string.

String Festoons Between Rooms

Festoons can be hung between the rooms to add more colors to the gateway. They are specifically helpful if your house is made on a theme.

Highlight a Motif

Wrap the fairy lights over a metal shaped star or heart over the bed or the wall to create a quirky feature. Another way to use drape fairy lights is to put them over the top of your furniture. By doing this, you can put your furniture in the spotlight.


You can uplift the setup game by 0-100 just by adding versatile hanging lights to it. There are so many fun ideas you can do with fairy light as they are highly ambient items to work with. Now when you know all about what fairy light is, I hope you know what to choose next time for the event ahead.


List of commonly asked questions and answers on a ” What is a Fairy Light

Q1. What are The Advantages of Fairy Light?

The installation of fairy lights is relatively easier than string lights. Moreover, they are flexible decorative lighting solutions that you can install anywhere in the house. You can use them in bedrooms by hanging them with curtains or walls and in the garden and hanging them with trees.

Q2. Why are Rope Lights Becoming More Popular?

The bulb of these kinds of rope lights consumes less energy. The bulbs are enclosed in a protective PVC jacket, making them more weather resistant and protecting them from icing.