Quebec City, Quebec — Completed in March of 2021, the Weber family’s new coastal home offers stunning views of the East Coast’s Oak Island Channel and Fire Island Inlet. But before construction had even begun, the Weber family sought a low-maintenance solution for adding coastal charm to their new Long Island home. Their solution? Beach House Shake® by Tando in the color Pacifica delivered a stunning new home that stands out among Long Island’s traditional gray coastal homes.

“Before we designed the house, I knew we wanted Beach House Shake,” explained Jane Weber, homeowner. “I loved the look of red cedar and when we found Beach House Shake in Pacifica it was exactly the warm color we were looking for. It was important that it stands up to the shoreline weather and test of time.”

The rich color of Pacifica, with the look of fresh-cut red cedar, offered the Webers a unique cladding, without the upkeep of wood. Unlike cedar shingles, Beach House Shake will not rot, decay, crack or split and is impervious to damage from moisture and insects.

Designed to give homeowners a solution that will stay looking like it did the day it was installed, Beach House Shake requires little to no upkeep and is approved for use in Miami-Dade High Velocity Hurricane Zones. That standard required Beach House Shake to undergo rigorous testing to withstand severe weather, making it an ideal choice for coastal homeowners.

“The house is nestled between dunes and wetlands, so it’s constantly exposed to wind, sunlight and seawater,” explained Weber. “One of the challenges of coastal living is the salt that whitens our neighbors’ houses, but with Beach House Shake we haven’t noticed any color change even after six months.”

Building in Long Island for more than 13 years, Pioneer Construction owner Douglas Zunigal was selected by the Webers to install Beach House Shake. “This was our first time using Beach House Shake and we found it very intuitive to use,” he said.

Eager to help the Webers complete their dream home, he and his crew worked quickly determined how to incorporate a gracefully curved flare into the home’s exterior design to add a unique design element. Zunigal needed to figure out how to transition the flat, horizontal panels into a curve for the flare wrapping around the home’s second story.

 To create this unique accent, the crew cut the corners into small sections and reassembled them to blend the corner pieces into the curve of the flare. Face nailing the corners with stainless steel nails and concealing them with bronze touch up paint, Pioneer construction was able to create an aesthetically pleasing solution to maintain a natural-looking, uninterrupted flow from the corners into the curve of the flare.

Perfect for homeowners like the Webers who wanted their beautiful shoreline home completed as quickly as possible, Beach House Shake’s lightweight panels can be installed by one person using just a hammer or nail gun. “Imagine the time it would take to nail in individual wood shingles or to try to work around curves or angles,” he said. “And, the realism is very striking.”

Zunigal and his crew completed the home’s windows, roofing and shake in three weeks, with the entire home completed in six months. “The home’s black trim treatments against the red cedar color creates a unique look, especially when everyone else is using the same colors and trim,” said Zunigal. “The Beach House Shake in Pacifica color stands out among Long Island shoreline’s typical gray and white homes, with added durability.”

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