Boost Innovation: The Revolutionary Canadian Company You Haven’t Heard Of Yet Boost Innovation Inc (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), in partnership with Adaptive Immersion Technologies (Tampa, Florida, USA) has developed a revolutionary software that is changing sport from the professional to the recreational levels.

Calgary— Monday.Nov.29th.2021 — For years sport has been a rapidly evolving field with growth occurring in sport psychology, nutrition, equipment technology, and analytics. But one company is making leaps in the field of measuring culture, mindset, and sport knowledge.

Boost Innovation’s FLW Software is one of their flagship products and has the ability to revolutionize coaching, team building, recruitment, contract decisions, scouting, individual performance plans, and more.

“I spent 10 years in college basketball and this software was developed based on the wants and needs identified my colleagues and friends in multiple sports at multiple levels”

-Ken King, Boost Innovation Founder & CEO

Boost Innovation is in the process of creating another highly innovative software that measures workplace culture and performance without any user input needed. This will create highly impactful output numbers without having to take time out of the day to answer questions, do a personality test, or other common methods. Additionally, they are using the data they capture to deliver important training worldwide in sport and workplace performance culture. “Our simple motto is that ‘IT HAS TO BE INNOVATIVE”. We want to create products and services that

are innovative and change lives for people worldwide. We have a nimble and passionate team, and we are ready to push forward on creating amazingly innovative things together”, King says. 

So what’s next for Boost Innovation?

Boost is currently seeking their first round of outside investment to build culture measurement technology that incorporates further advances in data analytics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and more to build measurement of human behavior that most of us can’t imagine.

CEO Ken King sums it up,

“We want to take leaps and offer solutions that nobody else offers. Innovation involves informed scientific methods, and we have no ego about how we seek improving our services on behalf of people who want better insight into group culture, performance, and human behavior everywhere. People deserve better culture at work, in sport teams, in elections, and in education. We are here to give it to them.”

Boost Innovation has engagements that validate their methods in work and sport, and it’s thrilling to see a Canadian company grow this much before receiving outside investment. The coming months and years project abundant success for their workplace and sport culture enhancement, while expanding into political & education realms.


CEO Ken King can be contacted at [email protected]