The businessman assures that the C-19 accelerated everything, which forces companies to adapt to prevail and succeed in an environment as competitive as the commercial




Miami, November 26th, 2021.- After a successful commercial tour of Constantino Bonaduce, president and developer of the Aerocentro Industrial, carried out by several cities in the United States that included Houston and Miami among others. Important commercial alliances were closed, with companies linked to the sectors of electronic commerce and world-class logistics transport of goods.

The commercial agreements were materialized after a process of arduous negotiations, and evaluation of the opportunities of the Venezuelan market, for this type of venture. Venezuela is going through the worst economic contraction in the region, which has caused the loss of 80% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), in the last 8 years. However, the businessman Constantino Bonaduce considers that it is a cycle that may well be reversed with the commitment of the private sector, which in his opinion in the past did not find the necessary incentives to establish itself in the country, mainly due to the monetary restrictions imposed by the control exchange rate, which made free access to foreign currency difficult, a measure that was repealed months ago, and its effects were no longer an obstacle to attracting investment.




Constantino Bonaduce is optimistic and points out that the establishment and start of activities of these companies in the logistics complex will translate into jobs for Venezuelans and development for the region. He points out that the Aerocentro Industrial Park has focused the planning and development of the complex on this premise. Which has been conceived since its inception 25 years ago, as a safe space, with modern facilities, designed to offer solutions for economic and business development to different companies in the field of logistics, distribution, and storage.

Bonaduce comments that they have accelerated the pace to conclude the entire second stage of the industrial complex that already has more than 70 companies installed and operating in its facilities and estimates that in the coming months it will be completed in its entirety, to be ready to receive to the new allies they have been negotiating with.

The businessman assures that the C-19 accelerated everything, which forces companies to adapt to prevail. He brings up the data emanating from the Venezuelan Chamber of Electronic Commerce, CAVECOM, which indicates that only in 2020 e-commerce in Venezuela increased nearly 2,000%, which means that its activity increased 20 times. Which “is a sample of what Venezuela can be through an economic opening of the country where the business community is eager to contribute and join, to lift the country,” he said.

Constantino Bonaduce assures that electronic commerce in Venezuela accelerated the equivalent of its growth of three years, only in times of C-19. Despite the adverse conditions, the Venezuelan market continues to be a field of opportunities, for those who are capable of presenting a good service proposal to their public, taking advantage of the infrastructure available in the Aerocentro Industrial Park, as well as the progressive improvement of services of Internet access, due to the incorporation of new private companies in this niche. For this reason, in this new phase, they have concentrated their efforts on attracting the attention of companies in the e-commerce sector.



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