Tech innovator Snapt helps retailers stay online during the most important sales day of the year by ensuring that websites, applications, and services remain online, secure, and function as fast as possible.

San Francisco, CA. — With the most significant sales of the year happening right after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is the most critical day in the holiday shopping season for retailers. As retail businesses increasingly move focus to online sales, all parts of the sales process must function correctly during the year’s biggest sales event—including online offerings. However, Black Fridays past have seen even large retailers like Costco, J.Crew, Walmart, and Lululemon experience issues with their online retail websites, unprepared to meet the surge of online traffic.

Dave Blakey, CEO of Snapt, explains the problem in layman’s terms. “One or more components become overloaded, and it’s very much like the last straw on the camel’s back. As soon as something begins to fail or takes longer to respond than usual, a cascading failure takes over all the services and the site fails.” 

There are three keys to businesses staying online on Black Friday. First, they must understand their capacity. If they can stress-test their website in advance, they will have a clear measurement of how much traffic they can handle and where the bottlenecks are. Second, performance and scaling. If they can handle each user faster, then they can handle more concurrent users before reaching peak capacity. If they can scale out and scale in server capacity fast, and distribute traffic automatically, then they can respond to spiking demand in real-time. Third, security and resilience. If they can protect their website from attacks or infrastructure failures, then they can avoid triggering a failure when they can least afford it. Snapt provides solutions enabling all three so high-growth, agile businesses can scale, protect, and adapt when traffic spikes.

Snapt offers three products to deliver on this promise. The first is Snapt Aria, a locally managed, full-stack application delivery controller that provides powerful and customizable load balancing and security for all web, TCP, and UDP services. The second is Snapt Nova. Recently updated with a more responsive user interface, enhanced security, and clear real-time data, Snapt Nova is a cloud-controlled, high-scale web application load balancer and WAF designed for modern DevOps deployments and high throughput multi-cloud installations. The third and most recently developed product is Snapt NovaSense, a high pace, high-accuracy threat intelligence feed that tracks malicious hosts, botnets, malware, abusers and attackers on the internet. 

Snapt is the best solution for agile, high-growth e-commerce strategies. Snapt provides accelerated website performance for better SEO and a faster user experience; multi-cloud load balancing and auto-scaling for high availability and scale; and advanced application-layer security for safe shopping. Snapt is a perfect fit for scalable, distributed, and cloud-native environments, like today’s high-performance e-commerce stores and platforms.

Snapt Nova deploys load balancers and application firewalls as a service – not as servers. Nova ADC services can scale out in seconds to handle millions of SSL transactions per second, and scale in to reduce costs when demand goes down. Within 30 seconds, Nova can launch ADC services in any cloud in the world, ready to receive and secure traffic for any e-commerce website or application.

Nova centralizes the deployment, logic, telemetry, and intelligence in a cloud-based controller with a modern web-based UI providing users with unified management, configuration, policy control, and reporting for every node in their network. This centralized command-and-control gives users end-to-end visibility of even the largest and most diverse networks, helping businesses to scale, secure, and optimize everything from one place.

Snapt takes a cloud-neutral and platform-agnostic approach, embracing any-cloud and multi-cloud deployments. Snapt integrates with any infrastructure including servers, virtual machines, containers, and microservices, and diverse production pipelines including DevOps and CI/CD methodologies. Snapt’s flexible technology is paired with flexible pricing that grows, shifts, and evolves along with their customers.

With Black Friday approaching quickly, many businesses are seeking support for their holiday sales initiatives. If you would like to know more about Snapt and their solutions for high-stress website and application management and security, please visit


About Snapt

Snapt provides solutions for application security, visibility, and control, for edge-to-origin in traditional, hybrid and cloud-native environments. For websites, applications and APIs, Snapt provides unmatched agility and security. 

Snapt ensures that business-critical applications, web services, and APIs are always on, always fast, and always secure. Snapt is a venture-funded, privately held company based in San Jose, CA.

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