Black Friday doesn’t have to be as hectic this year for marketers who take advantage of the limited-time discount on marketing automation services from Factoreal.

Atlanta, GA. – Factoreal is offering a limited-time discount on its services to help marketers navigate the hectic holiday season with ease. Black Friday is the busiest – and most profitable – time of year for many marketers, with most businesses earning 30% of their annual sales between Black Friday and Christmas. The boom in online shopping in recent years only adds more fuel to the consumer-driven fire.

“The holidays are one of the most crucial times of year for most marketers,” said Aditya Dhruva, the CEO of Factoreal. “If a business isn’t prepared to take on the heightened demand around the holidays, the influx of customer inquiries and sales can become too much to handle, which is why we are discounting our marketing automation platform this holiday season.”

Marketers can sign up on the Factoreal website for a limited time to take 50% off at checkout with the promo code BLACKFRIDAY50, which will be valid until midnight on November 29. The platform allows for seamless communication between a business and its audience across multiple channels – and tracking goal conversions.

“Our platform is designed to take the stress and guesswork out of the communication process for marketers,” said Dhruva. “With our results-driven tools, the holidays don’t have to be such a stressful time.”

Factoreal has a proven track record of driving results and simplifying the process for users like Boss Talks Network, Tuuli Bell Ltd., and the Jacksonville Jaguars with their adaptable, easy-to-use platform and intelligent analytics. To top it off, Factoreal has 24/7 customer support available to assist during busy times.

Factoreal offers an all-in-one marketing automation solution to help marketers make the most of the holiday season in a simple, cost-effective way. Their platform combines results-driven tools such as email marketing automation, mobile marketing, social media marketing management, social ad management, customer journey automation, e-commerce integration, personalization & segmentation, and a lot more to drive omnichannel customer engagement automatically.

With Black Friday and Christmas right around the corner, there will be a lot of moving parts for marketers to consider with their deals and promos. The most important Black Friday deal to consider may be an all-in-one marketing automation platform to ensure a more streamlined holiday season. Buy the full service for half the price – be sure to check out Factoreal marketing solutions incredible discount of 50% with the promo code BLACKFRIDAY50 before midnight on November 29 when you check out at

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