How thoughtful would it be to gift a remarkable woman in your life Ivy, the first health and wellness tracker made specifically for women? Or to give a family recipe for traditional Himalayan tea to your chai-loving friends?

These gift options will be amongst the lists of products available at a discounted rate on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, held November 26 and 29, respectively. And we’ve simplified the process of gift shopping by compiling a diverse range of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that’ll meet the needs of everyone on your list.  




About: Bellabeat is a wellness tech company that creates wearable devices for women to track their health data, lifestyle habits and reproductive cycles around the clock. Ivy, Bellabeat’s latest product, collects health and wellness data to help women better understand their bodies’ biological response to activity. 

Offer: 20% off Bellabeat Menstrual Cup and Bellabeat Yoga Mat; two-year Premium Membership to Bellabeat’s tools and personalized wellness coaching with every IVY purchase

Date: November 26-30 and December 1

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Live Wise Naturals

About: Live Wise Naturals is a health and wellness company offering professional-grade nutrient supplements and vitamins in liquid form for easy absorption and serving management.

Offer: 25% off purchase of $40 or more 

Date: November 22-29

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Sherpa Chai

About: Sherpa Chai is a specialty chai beverage company that offers chai tea harvested in the Himalayas from a recipe passed down through generations of Sherpa. 

Offer: 15% off purchase 

Promo Code: CHAISALE15

Date: November 22-29

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Gramercy Kitchen

About: Gramercy Kitchen is a kitchen and dining brand that provides you with the tools needed to make every day a dinner party.

Offer: $15 off Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer; $20 discount off Cocktail Smoker

Date: November 27-29

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Life Sutra

About: Life Sutra equips individuals, couples, and families with practical psychoeducational games to empower their relationships and lives. 

Black Friday Offer: 40% off Bulls and Bears and Social Genius; 30% off Dating Connect; 20% Couple Connect 


Date: Valid November 22-December 1

Cyber Monday Offer: 40% off Bulls and Bears, Social Genius and Dating Connect.

Promo Code: X35VLO42, valid November 20-December 1

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About: Meydalle is a jewelry outlet that creates inspirational and motivational pieces. 

Offer: 20% off Handmade Hebrew Dainty Love/Ahava Earrings; Handmade Hebrew Brave Bracelet; Handmade Hebrew Dreams Come True Bracelet

Promo Code: 20BFCMSALE

Date: November 26-29

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Luxe England

About: Luxe England is a premium lifestyle and wellness gift brand that designs luxury gift baskets for women that commemorate a range of occasions. Niré Beauty, a beauty tool and skin-prep company, is part of the Luxe England Limited brand collective.

Offer: 20% off the Niré Beauty Brush Set in Rose Gold and Silver; the Luxe England Gifts Royal, Birthday and Mom Gift Boxes 

Dates: November 29-December 1

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About: Pro-Spin is an online company that features high-quality and long-lasting sporting equipment for table tennis enthusiasts and novices alike.

Offer: Buy 2 items, save 10%; Buy 3 items, save 15%; Buy 4 or more, save 20%; Free Shipping on purchases of $50 and more  

Dates: November 29-December 3

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Aprika Life

About: Aprika Life offers the highest quality of matcha powder from Japan to fuel your focus, clarity and overall well-being. 

Black Friday Offer: 20% off the Japanese Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Powder (30, 100 & 500g); Premium Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder (30g & 1.1lb); Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder (100g); Calm and Relax Herbal Tea; Focus and Concentration Herbal Tea; Immune Support Tea; and Sleep Tea

Date: November 22-28

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Cyber Monday Offer: 25% off (sitewide)

Dates: November 26-29

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Lotus Linen

About: Lotus Linen creates premium quality bathrobes with a touch of love, quality and class. 

Offer: 10% off (sitewide)

Promo Code: LOTUSLINENSPECIAL; CyberMonday10

Date: November 26 & 29 

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iFox Creations

About: iFOX Creations offers a unique product line of gifts 

Offer: 38% off Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Date: November 26

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Buttertree Blankets

About: Buttertree Blankets makes high-quality blankets with inspirational messages for your loved ones. 

Offer: 16% off (sitewide)

Promo Code: BLACK16

Date: November 26-29

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About: Safegrate creates kitchen accessories that offer additional layers of safety while cooking. 

Offer: 5% off one Safegrate kitchen gadget; 10% off three Safegrate kitchen gadgets

Promo Code: 05SAFEGRATE

Date: November 29

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About: SassyCups creates drinkware that celebrates people and occasions. 

Offer: 5% Discount on the Dad Fuel Tumbler | 20 Ounce Engraved Black Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Mug; Best Dad Ever Tumbler | 20 Ounce Engraved Black Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Mug

Date: November 22-30

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Copper Joint

About: Copper Joint is a fitness and wellness company that creates high-performance compression wear to enhance performance, speed recovery, and provide relief from injury, inflammation and arthritis.

Offer: 20% Off Storewide Coupon

Black Friday Promo Code: CJBF20OFF, valid November 26-27

Cyber Monday Promo Code: CJCM20OFF, valid November 28-30

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About: CoFoundersLab is a subscription-based service that matches entrepreneurs with potential cofounders and key team members.

Offer: Three months free with yearly subscription purchase

Date: November 26-29

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