Market Overview

“Global Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.8% during the forecasting period (2021-2028)”.

Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) are the standards used to test the exceptional and metrological traceability of a given product, coupled with validation of analytical size techniques or tool calibration. The reference materials have critical for the evaluation of analytical chemistry and scientific evaluation. Since most analytical instrumentations are comparative, it calls for a sample of regarded composition (reference material) for accurate calibration Thus the market growth majorly because of the developing call for licensed reference materials in diverse give up-customers which includes Government Labs, Private Laboratories, QC Labs Of Food Companies, Universities And Scientific Researches Centre, Mass Spectrometer Manufacturing Companies, and Others. Universities and scientific researches facilities are many of the major stop-users of analytical requirements, and they shared marketplace via sales of 3.8% in 2019.

Environmental evaluation holds the topmost function as the largest application segment of the Certified Reference Materials market. The phase had construct revenue of 6.2 % in 2019

By geography, North America has built the most important marketplace proportion inside the worldwide licensed reference substances (CRM) market. The tremendous growth of the marketplace in the region is because of the enhancing adoption of excessive analytical technologies among principal end-users including meals testing labs, environmental pollution monitoring laboratories, drug trying out laboratories, and forensic laboratories. The marketplace in the region valued US$ 455.18million in 2019.

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Market Dynamics

Increasing use of insecticides for crop protection and its developing side outcomes at the population.

Improving analytic chemistry programs, inclusive of in forensic technology, medical evaluation, environmental analysis, and substances evaluation.

Lack of economic resources restriction the comprehensive use of available CRMs

Increasing use of pesticides for crop protection and its growing side effects on the population
Pesticides are used to shield crops from fungi, weeds, insects and other pests and also are used to defend public fitness by means of controlling vectors of tropical diseases such as mosquitoes to their use in agriculture. According to the research, pesticides shield around one-0.33 of total agricultural products globally. Over 1 billion kilos of insecticides are used in the U.S. In 2019, and over 5.6 billion kilos are used internationally. Many advanced nations have minimum or non-existent exposure control systems. However, it’s miles anticipated that worldwide pesticide use will upward push to 3.5 million heaps by using 2020. Because of their bio-magnification and staying power, pesticides may additionally have good-sized implications when used drastically. Pesticides have poisoned the air, water, soil, and basic environment, posing a massive health hazard to all dwelling matters. The increasing use of pesticides in extraordinary plants and its associated health threat has advocated the authorities to constructed strict guidelines towards immoderate use of pesticides and made normal crop laboratories checking out the usage of licensed reference cloth throughout numerous evolved locations of the globe, thereby improving the call for CRM inside the current and forecast length

For example, on 18th June 2018, ERM-BC403, the first licensed reference material (CRM) for the look at of fifteen pesticide residues in cucumber, changed into published by using the JRC to help manage laboratories with the first-rate guarantee. It might also make sure that size outcomes are similar, hence promoting the European single marketplace and trade.

Segment analysis

Environmental Analysis
Pesticide Standards
Volatiles/Semivolatiles Standards
Flame Retardant Standards
Aroclor/PCB, and Dioxin Standards
Alkyl Phenol Standards
solid Waste Standards
Food & Beverages Analysis
Veterinary Drug Standards
Forensic Standards
Pharmaceutical and Life Science
Nuclear Safeguards, Safety, and Security
Government Labs
Private Laboratories
Universities And Scientific Researches Centres
Mass Spectrometer Manufacturing Companies

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Geographical Analysis

Food safety concerns such as contaminants, residues, pesticides, and natural toxins in the food chain are gaining attention in the region. To ensure compliance with residue levels of pesticides and to assess the exposure to pesticide residues in food of animal and plant origin, the European Union has established Multiannual Control Programmes for Pesticide Residues run within the EU and EFTA. The Joint Research Centre working under European Commission is one of the significant producers of reference materials that meet the needs of European policy in emerging areas such as biotechnology, nanotechnology, and personalized medicine.

JRC provides over 760 reference materials and distributes around 20,000 units per year to testing laboratories. European Committee has also published standards to reduce emissions from burning fuel, such as EN 590 standards was regulated for describing the physical properties of automotive diesel fuel sold in the European Union. Certified reference materials are preferred to meet the requirements using analytical methods with reliable measurement results. In 2018, Joint Research Centre developed two new certified reference materials ERM-EF003 and ERM-EF004, for automotive diesel fuel containing 7% biodiesel, supporting fuel testing laboratories in assuring the quality of the measurements Leading market players such as Sigma Aldrich and LGC Limited have developed a new line of products named ERM for Environmental, Food and Clinical sectors satisfying the benchmark set by the European Commission.

These products are ISO Guide 34/ISO 17034, ISO Guide 31, ISO Guide 35 certified for ensuring quality reliability and comparability of the results of chemical analysis. The spread of coronavirus has highly impacted Europe. The region has reported approximately 147 million cases of Covid-19, including 3 million deaths in 2020. Leading companies in the region have been working with higher production to provide reference materials amid the pandemic. For instance, SeraCare Life Sciences expanded its production of novel Covid-19 reference materials in 2020 for providing higher stocks to diagnostic manufacturers.

Also, the company, in collaboration with several diagnostic manufacturers, have expanded its Covid-19 reference materials portfolio with the development of molecular reference materials utilizing their proprietary recombinant technology to support evaluation and validation of molecular test methods directed to 2019-nCoVØIn 2020, The JRC developed 2 reference materials EURM-017 and EURM-018, consist of natural antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 in a human serum background. The products can also be used as quality control materials for various SARS-CoV-2 antibody tests.

The region has been making high investments in Nuclear safety and security. EU has already set up a system of nuclear safeguards under the Euratom Treaty managed by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy. Also, In November 2018, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety developed the new reference method DIN EN 16516 for formaldehyde emission from coated and uncoated wood-based materials under the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance.

Company Profiles

Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) Market Company Profiles are Cerilliant Corporation, Sigma-Aldrich (Merck), Central Geological Laboratory, Paragon Scientific Limited, FLUXANA, JRC – Joint Research Centre, Starna Scientific, ATCC, Hellma, Phenomenex, Agilent.

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