Jump-starting his career at a very young age, Rowen Seibel had already built two successful startups by age 18. Flash forward to the present day, there really isn’t anything in business that Seibel can’t tackle.  Today he focuses his entrepreneurial energy on financing, real estate, hospitality, project development, and assisting restaurant owners in building their brands. Seibel has become a master of his craft by continually proving himself in high-profile, high-pressure projects. He has become very involved in opening and managing restaurants globally, many of which are extremely famous worldwide. Seibel is extremely gifted at taking new brands or brands that need a revamp and making them something special that people want to talk about. In the past, he has worked on many high-profile branding projects with places such as Serendipity, Old Homestead, Caesars Palace in Las Vegas & Atlantic City, Paris in Las Vegas, and Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. He has also partnered with well-known celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsey and Masaharu Morimoto on successful branding projects.

Seibel and his team are extremely detail-oriented and are always working hard to achieve perfection. When discussing his attention to detail, Seibel states, “It took Michelangelo 4 years to paint the Sistine Chapel. I’m more than willing to put in as much time or more to ensure we have the necessary focus and dedication for all of our projects.”

Rowen Seibel’s love for travel has grown throughout his career. Due to his massive success, he has had the opportunity to develop brands globally. Some of his international project locations include the United Kingdom, Dubai, and Tokyo. Seibel is always ready for a new challenge and an opportunity to explore and build upon his skills and creativity internationally.

Due to the pandemic, the restaurant business has struggled, which has resulted in more than 100,00 restaurants closing temporarily or permanently. This is something Seibel and his team witnessed and felt very strongly about. Because of Seibel’s extensive experience in the restaurant business, he has been able to help many restaurants withstand the pressures of the pandemic. He has partnered with them to create and maintain strong branding.

Seibel’s largest challenge is choosing the right projects that he will work on next. It is extremely important to him and his team that they consider factors such as impacts on the community, city, and the world. No matter where Seibel’s career takes him next, we know he is going to succeed and make an amazing impact domestically and globally! Visit Rowen Seibel on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Pinterest