Take control of your brand on a platform that already has 1 billion worldwide users.

You don’t have to be an R&B singer like Meghan Thee Stallion to rack up a million views on TikTok, says Paul Froio. People with little fame have racked up 400,000 followers with ease. What can your brand do to position itself to benefit from TikTok’s billion-person worldwide user base?

What’s TikTok?

TikTok is a video-sharing social app originally released in China by the Beijing-based tech giant ByteDance. In 2020, TikTok became the most downloaded app in the world. Users spent $50.4 million on the app in the last year.

TikTok Demographics

While the users of TikTok are on the younger side, with 27.4% in the age range of 10 to 24, it attracts people of every ethnic, cultural, and ideological background. If you consistently target your ideal audience, then you can count on brand expansion.

By 2024, there are expected to be 88.7 million TikTok users in the United States alone.

What Content Works on TikTok?

The following content structures do exceedingly well on TikTok:

  1. Introduce a new product. Tik Tok is not a platform for the staunch or shy. Use bright colors, vibrant music, and creative video presentation to get eyes on your new product.
  2. Educate your audience about the problem your product is solving. Put yourself in the mind of your ideal customer and explain to them in simple terms, how using your product will make their lives better.
  3. Answer FAQs. Do you often get the same questions about what your brand is trying to achieve, or about your brand’s mission or vision? Explain it to the world in a Q and A session.
  4. Offer tips and tricks. If you sell fishing gear, then tell people the best fishing holes they can find bass at in Chatanooga, Tennessee. If you’re an eco-friendly beauty brand, explain how nanoparticles are ruining the coral reefs and what your brand is doing to improve the planet. Get specific, and talk straight to your audience without “selling” them anything. Focus on education and engagement.
  5. Stitch a story together. Stitching allows you to use a clip from someone else’s video and to use it at the beginning of yours, essentially “stitching” commentary together. This can allow you to talk with brand ambassadors, influencers, or even use controversial videos as a sounding board to offer your brand’s stance on important social issues.

Creativity is always rewarded on TikTok, so try to present ideas that will attract the world’s attention. Focus on being authentic, engaging, and honest about what your brand’s goals are.

Build Your Brand

For more insights into brand building in a digital marketplace, reach out to Paul Froio on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Paul is a 27-year veteran of U.S. sales, marketing, and brand strategy.

Paul Froio - Why TikTok is the Next Content Juggernaut