Pinnacle Foundation Repair is now offering a specialized service that enables realtors to continue the buying/selling process in the event a foundation needs to be inspected and repaired. 

When buyers and sellers come to a standstill about who is financially responsible for making repairs to an existing foundation, Pinnacle Foundation Repair will provide the service for both parties. The cost will be funded from the title company once the funding has been escrowed from the sale of the house. 

An outstanding history of expertise

Pinnacle Foundation Repair has a long history in the Texas housing market. Founded by Robert Wade Brown in the 1960s, Brown quickly became an expert in the field of foundation repair. His knowledge was in such high demand that he is the author of six books on the subject, and those books are still taught and used in Texas colleges. 

Pinnacle Foundation Repair wants to use those decades of knowledge to enable the home selling process to be streamlined so that buyers can move in and sellers can move out without hitting obstacles that can easily stall the process. By stepping in and inspecting and repairing foundations, Pinnacle Foundation Repair will give those parties invested in the sale the guarantee that a major repair will be completed correctly and the home will remain safe. 

Experts in the latest technology

Pinnacle Foundation Repair is trained and knowledgeable experts in the various methods of fixing and reinforcing foundations. Pinnacle experts know how to work with 12-inch steel pipes to make piers that will secure a foundation and keep it sturdy for many decades to come. Pinnacle can also mix double-walled steel with concrete to create a strong and stable foundation at a lower cost. 

From helical drilling, which is similar to using large steel screws that drill into the ground to concrete pressed piling to drilled pier, which is great for lighter structures, Pinnacle Foundation Repair can fortify the foundation of just about any type of structure. 

Avoid obstacles

The home buying process can be easy when there are the right teams in place, and Pinnacle Foundation Repair is offering an important service to help make home buying easier for those who are searching for and finding a home.

If there is anyone who needs to utilize this service, or if a realtor wants to avoid the hurdle of figuring out who is financially responsible for the renovation or inspection of a foundation, Pinnacle Foundation Repair is accepting calls on the matter. Pinnacle Foundation Repair can be contacted through email, the company website, or through direct calls. All information can be found on their website. 

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