Dr. Saeed Khan is an award-winning internal medicine doctor with over 39 years of experience as a practicing physician. Dr. Khan now practices in Okeechobee, Florida with his team of dedicated nurse practitioners and physician assistants. 22 years of Dr. Khan’s career has been spent practicing in Okeechobee, Florida which is an underserved and underinsured area between West Palm Beach and Jupiter, Florida. As a long-time Florida resident, Dr. Khan has been a faculty member at Florida State University’s College of Medicine. His role involves working with 3rd and 4th-year medical students, allowing them to shadow him and his team within internal medicine. This is a priceless opportunity for students at the college and allows for hands-on experience with an extremely successful physician with almost 4 decades of experience. With a decade of service educating the future doctors of America at FSU, the school decided to honor Dr. Khan with an award to recognize his achievements. Prior to his long-time residency in Florida, Dr. Saeed Khan was a resident of Chicago and even worked as a professor at Rush Medical College in the city.


While helping the future doctors of America, Dr. Khan continues to serve the local community of Okeechobee by diagnosing and treating their adult illnesses. Covid-19 has caused many changes and challenges for doctors and businesses everywhere which is something that Dr. Khan and his team had to navigate recently. With almost 40 years of experience treating patients in person, Dr. Khan had to switch over to telemedicine to screen patients for Covid-19 before treating and meeting with them in person.


No matter the challenge, Dr. Khan is ready to use his expertise and vast experience to tackle anything! He cares deeply about his patients and the students that he works with at FSU. Even with the changes in today’s world, Dr. Khan continues to treat and educate the Jupiter community. Internal medicine is his passion which has kept him going through a long and fruitful career!