Network security cannot be toyed with! Any flaw puts organizations of any size with an Internet connection in danger. 

Whether you are a tiny business, a big enterprise, or the government, you are at risk. A safe, open, and linked network allows businesses to easily communicate information with customers, suppliers, and business partners worldwide. Sadly, keeping this data both accessible and secure is difficult. Malware, such as Trojan horses and viruses, constantly threatens data theft and company interruption. Moreover, the daily discovery of new vulnerabilities – and the rapid creation of new exploits – exacerbate the problem. The idea is to immunize security configuration management in your network by reducing vulnerabilities. Check how vulnerability management works.

Threat intelligence and vulnerability management go hand in hand

Does web application scanning count? 

Programming errors cause most software flaws. For example, data blocks are still being used despite being declared free by other program portions, a common error in memory management. Attackers can commonly exploit this ‘use-after-free programming error to acquire control of the computer.

Information gathered, processed, and analyzed to determine the motivations, targets, and attack methods is called threat intelligence.

News coverage have made it quite clear and companies did experience data breaches when attacks compromised millions of personal customer records.

A company’s reputation can be severely harmed, possibly leading to customers leaving. As a result of these incidents, it is clear that network security must be improved.

VM’s key goals are to: Maintain a database of your network’s machines and devices (your hardware assets)

 Patch management scan systems, detect missing patches & highly vulnerable systems.

• Make a list of all the software you have installed on your computer.

• Make a piece of software less vulnerable by configuring it differently.

• Find and resolve security flaws in the installed software.

• Alert the databases when new devices, ports, or software are added so that the changed attack surface can be analyzed and successful assaults may be detected.

• Tell us about your patching and updating process so we can help you stop assaults (such as malware, bots, and so on).

• Reduce and handle security threats more efficiently.

• Assert conformance with laws, regulations, and business policy by documenting your organization’s current condition of security.

• Keep repeating the preceding steps to keep your network’s security current.

Vulnerability management program best practices offered by MIRAT are as follows: 

The built-in MIRAT reports are an essential feature of vulnerability management. Penetration testing is performed, and reports that are good enough to be required documentation by regulatory compliance auditors are generated. Securing financial transactions, healthcare data, and other types of business automation solutions are becoming increasingly essential concerns.

MIRAT VM is a process of identifying vulnerabilities in the IT Infrastructure. It scans your entire IT infra to check unwanted software existing and provides live status for the Administrator to take appropriate immediate action. Vulnerability scanning is a simple process under vulnerability management that suspects risk and provides live information for risk remediation.

Feature List:

MIRAT can make a comprehensive assessment of assets with its active scanning of the entire IT infrastructure.

• Supports IT both on-premises and cloud.

• Dynamically track all assets and their vulnerabilities.

• Provides comprehensive, streamlined data on vulnerabilities

• Continuous monitor based on tuning the timeline.

Benefits of MIRAT Vulnerability management Tool:

Use MIRAT proprietary analytics to identify and prioritize risks.

• Track vulnerabilities in your asset inventory, use it for information management, assign tickets, and manage implementations & executions.

• It eliminates blind spots with its most comprehensive and accurate scanning.

• Boost your productivity by removing unwanted software from your servers. It speeds up your systems.

• Provides detailed information to take immediate action and therefore avoid maximum risks.

• Want to know what scans the MIRAT Vulnerability management runs? Visit website.

Our pricing plans are very cost-effective (starts at $4 per month) and affordable for startups, SMEs, MSMEs, along with enterprise-level plans for larger firms with more extensive requirements.

How to get started with MIRAT

If you want to test how MIRAT Vulnerability Management tool works, you have 3 options:

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