When you think about managing property, the typical stereotype vision is of someone that keeps up with landscaping and repairs and maintenance of the premises. However, great rental property management in Baltimore involves much more than making sure the property is in top physical shape. In addition to upkeep and maintenance, an experienced property manager provides many more value-adds – from marketing and leasing advice to suggestions on enhancing a rental property portfolio. If your property manager doesn’t measure up, it’s time to switch professionals.

Doing More to Add Value

Most rental property owners and landlords are in the real estate business for one major reason: Steady streams of income. However, when you (as a landlord) must also get involved in the day-to-day management of rental units, you end up working hard for that income. And that’s one reason many owners turn to professionals to provide them with rental property management in Baltimore, Maryland. So, what should one expect from these professionals?

– Good property management discipline

– Industry best practices

– Seamless and transparent dealings with tenants and renters 

– Sound knowledge of the local, and broader, Baltimore rental market

These are the standard value-adds that landlords expect their property managers to deliver. When you’ve found a property manager that provides you with these basics, you’ll likely still be closely involved in marketing and overseeing your portfolio. However, you’ll now have a reliable partner to co-manage your rental property.

Above and Beyond

While “minimal” might be good enough for some property owners, most landlords don’t want to take on any part of the day-to-day running of their properties. For them, the ideal solution for rental property management in Baltimore is to engage a full-service property manager, like TREU. 

With such a team on your side, in addition to the scope of responsibilities outlined earlier in this post, you can also expect:

– Sound marketing advice, so your properties command the highest rental values

– Great property positioning, so you attract tenants that deliver reliable, dependable, steady regular income streams

– Informed suggestions on how to grow your rental property portfolio

– Automated tools and technologies that inject efficiency and transparency into the tenant-landlord relationship  

The one challenging aspect of rental property management in Baltimore, Maryland, that many landlords and DIY property managers struggle with, is compliance. Compliance with Federal, State, and municipal laws is crucial for rental property owners. And that’s where, finding and working with the right property management company yields above and beyond results.

Full Service…and more

TREU is an innovator in providing technology driven, high-quality rental property management in Baltimore. With our value-driven vision, dedication, and commitment to exceptional service, we help facilitate effective, productive decisions for homeowners, tenants, and investors. 

We’ve invested heavily in our online platform, which is indeed one-of-a-kind in the property management world. All stakeholders can interact securely and seamlessly through our cutting-edge technology. Everything you need, as a landlord, tenant and property investor is right there – from maintenance and Marketing, to Tenant Care, Vacancy tracking and reporting. We’ll ensure your assets continue to build lasting value, while requiring minimal inputs from you. And that’s what full-service is all about!