A common response if your business operates like most of them is, “Didn’t we just buy monitoring solution?” when you seek application monitoring following a request for Network monitoring.

What’s the difference between monitoring certain applications and monitoring the entire network?

In another way, network monitoring informs you when people can’t get to an application. However, application monitoring tells us when an application isn’t working even though people can still access it.

By utilizing Application performance monitoring, you’ll be alerted as soon as something goes wrong with your major line of business apps, databases, email systems, etc.

With the right app monitoring software, you’ll be able to see trends in app usage, performance, and growth on a visual dashboard. Capacity planning, meeting SLAs, and detecting problems before they lead to outages, all of these are critical.

What to look for in an APM provider?

Monitoring of web applications

Use byte-code instrumentation for in-depth APM. Application performance can be monitored, optimized, and troubleshot using distributed traces and code-level insights. A low-cost agent like us can be used in the development, quality assurance, and production settings.

Monitoring of synthetic transactions

Improve your website’s end-user experience by monitoring it from various geographic regions. Use Selenium-based scripting of tests to simulate and optimize business-critical procedures and multi-page workflows, such as login forms and shopping carts.

To give you the most up-to-date information, MIRAT’s virtualization monitoring analyses and tracks virtual machines and technology in real-time. This Hypervisor monitoring tool allows teams to see real-time changes, which aids in the prevention of performance problems and the correction of potential hazards.

Cloud Monitoring

Find out what’s going on with your private, public, and hybrid cloud resources with complete transparency. In cloud and virtualization systems, an application monitoring tool like MIRAT can keep track of workloads and troubleshoot app performance. This tool will identify service failures, application slowness, server downtime, and other bottlenecks within and outside your cloud environment.

Server Monitoring

Troubleshoot and keep an eye on the health and performance of your servers – whether they’re physical, virtual, or in the cloud. Ensure that the server has enough resources and plans capacity appropriately to avoid downtime.

Database Monitoring

Identify and fix database performance issues quickly and easily. Agentless database monitoring supports RDBMS, NoSQL, in-memory, and big data storage, including MongoDB, Memcached, and MongoDB (Hadoop). Analyze sluggish database calls by drilling down to SQL statements.

MIRAT has been proven to reduce 80% of your operational expenses, 20% of outage costs and increases team productivity by 60% and efficiencies by 30%. You can now get your ROI in just 6 months!

ERP vigilance

Enhance the overall performance and availability of popular ERP packages, including SAP, Oracle EBS, Microsoft Dynamics CRM & AX, and Siebel CRM. As a result, it’s easier than you think to spot problems and bottlenecks early on with network monitoring software.

Middleware Monitoring

Monitor and manage messaging-oriented middleware monitoring such as IBM MQ, Apache ActiveMQ, Microsoft Sharepoint and Apache Kafka in real-time to improve application performance and reduce risk.

Website Tracking

MIRAT’s networking monitoring keeps in the loop the website’s performance and internet services like HTTPS, DNS, FTP, SSL/TLS, SMTP, POP, and more.

Visit www.mirat.ai or mail to [email protected] for more information!

Discovery and dependency mapped by automation

Create a real-time dependency map using our 360-degree monitoring tool that displays the linkages and dependencies among all entities by automatically discovering and mapping data. The dependence map is dynamic and changes in response to the environment. Remediation can be automated by integrating with CMDBs.

High-Tech Analytical Methods

Find out what’s happening with built-in reports. Customizable, interactive dashboards help you stay on top of crucial developments. For example, calculate predicted growth and usage trends for various network applications by analyzing past performance.

By now, do you understand how MIRAT plays APM?

Think of it this way-Maximize the number of people who use the app and the income it generates.

Poor application performance can significantly impact revenue, quantified by application managers and clients, who can measure the digital experience, understand the customer journey, and optimize application usage and revenue.

Mean time to repair reduction means the IT operations staff can employ precise root cause analysis to quickly uncover and troubleshoot issues. Investigate and adjust daily operations based on resource utilization trends.

MIRAT’s pricing plans are very cost-effective (starts at $4 per month) and affordable for startups, SMEs, MSMEs, along with enterprise-level plans for larger firms with more extensive requirements.

Aids the DevOps/SRE teams in establishing a link between changes to the code and new builds. Test your critical business applications to see if frequent code changes have hurt their performance.

Prevent users from becoming aware of performance concerns by staying on top of them. For example, be able to tell right away whether a problem is with the application code itself or the infrastructure.

Facilitates rapid response to complaints from users by application support and helpdesk personnel.

Check here to see if our application monitoring tool fits your company’s objectives by taking the 14-day trial version.

Analyzes business applications and the infrastructure tiers supporting them throughout for architects and CTOs of IT systems. Ensure that apps achieve business objectives while also providing a pleasant user experience.

Confidently move to the cloud without fearing the threats that could linger otherwise.

Reduce cloud migration risk by having complete insight into the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid infrastructures.

Mirat.ai is now an artificial intelligence-driven cloud software capable of providing all the packaged tools under one license, offering centralized self-service capabilities with No/minimum staff and remote monitoring capabilities that presently no other competitor is able to serve.

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