ESG-Environmental, social & governance factor integrates MIRAT’s software application with existing and new products as well as the partner ecosystem to assist enterprises in working for better global throughput.

As companies prioritize ESG initiatives, they are helping to improve consumer and stakeholder trust, contributing toward a more ecological, balanced, and ethical society, as well as delivering effective commercial results. The majority of investors believe that companies that emphasize ESG efforts have greater long-term returns than those that do not, while global customers are five times more inclined to trust, buy from and safeguard companies with a clear ESG purpose, according to research published just last year.

Chaitanya Kumar, the CEO of MIRAT, noted that for ESG activities to be effective, firms must have a clear picture of their ESG efforts and results. Because of this, we anticipate that MIRAT’s new ESG solution will better enable this kind of visibility.

For this reason, MIRAT software’s latest comprehensive ESG solution helps companies make an impact while also building better confidence with customers, investors, and employees. Process innovation processes and achieving sustainable results are two ways organizations may turn ESG aims into significant impact and long-term value.

Ensuring that ESG is implemented consistently across the organization by delivering a single solution

MIRAT software’s new ESG solution utilizing the Now Platform, companies can use it to help turn their ESG aspirations into reality by giving clarity and accountability across all of their ESG programs and initiatives on a single platform. This allows companies to better strategize, administer, and govern. For example, *NEW* MIRAT’s business monitoring ESG Management and Reporting provides firms with the ability to define important issues, set targets and KPIs, monitor progress, gather audit-ready data, and make disclosures that are in line with major ESG reporting frameworks.

MIRAT software’s ESG roadmap, which includes strategy, management, and budgeting tools, may be built and maintained with the help of MIRAT Project and Portfolio Management. It is easier for companies to keep track of their ESG investments as a result of increased transparency.

In addition to providing essential governance capabilities, MIRAT Integrated Risk Management also offers comprehensive risk assessments, monitoring and management, and AI, as well as audits and privacy. A real-time perspective of ESG risk and compliance, as well as rich analytics, help make effective decisions and business performance when using it.

The plus point is that MIRAT incorporates ESG concerns and knowledge gathered into sustainable enterprise with its risk and compliance management.

MIRAT lists out several challenges that needed to be overcome:

A lack of maturity in processes, typically resulting in manual and ad hoc methods; limited visibility; unreliable data; and low employee involvement; solutions, etc

Workflow automation tool like that of MIRAT is flexible and automated with a low-code development platform that makes it easy to innovate; integration of ESG activities into daily work; a single data model and scalable cloud architecture.

• Streamlined, verifiable reporting, and disclosures

• Regular and efficient processes

• Increased speed and scalability

• Employees and customers loyal to a company benefit from ethical, transparent, and secure business procedures.


• Transform your ESG vision and goals into practical action

• Enhance your reputation and trust

• Create a lasting positive brand impression

MIRAT has been proven to reduce 80% of your operational expenses, 20% of outage costs and increase team productivity by 60%, and efficiencies by 30%. You can now get your ROI in just 6 months!

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We are eager to help you with your ESG options so do reach us. Our pricing plans are very cost-effective (starts at $4 per month) and affordable for startups, SMEs, MSMEs, along with enterprise-level plans for larger firms with more extensive requirements.

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