National Circuit Assembly (NCA) is proud to announce the formation of a strategic partnership with RSAE Labs. RSAE Labs is an industry-leading provider of global supply chain asset tracking, monitoring and security services  for enterprise companies. The NCA-RSAE Labs partnership is built upon a mutual desire to deliver cyber-secure IOT technology to improve management and production efficiency. NCA will be sourcing and manufacturing the suite of devices designed by RSAE Labs, as well as assisting in the design of future products. RSAE’s flagship product is its sixth-generation Global Sentinel, a truly mobile IOT gateway with quad-redundant communications which enable efficient global supply chains. NCA’s advanced design, manufacturing and sourcing resources will allow RSAE Labs to meet the growing global demand for resilient supply chain solutions by delivering dependable products with the highest cyber-secure standards.

RSAE Labs’s Global Sentinels monitor cargo containers and content with advanced sensors using a new advanced DoD-level cyber-secure IOT mesh protocol, mist®
(mobile interconnected sensing technologies), with true ad hoc networking, making it ideal for mobile use. Requiring no infrastructure, Global Sentinels track and monitor cargo containers and mobile assets by sending real-time, “Oracle-Quality” encrypted alert data on the status and history of valued cargo to support trustworthy transactions.Using redundant, multi-band cellular and Iridium satellite technology, in-transit alerts allow users to immediately respond to unexpected situations from any region of the world.  Users can leverage the RSAE “intelligence at the edge” technology to reconfigure devices remotely and perform analytics on the device such as calculating route deviations to generate immediate alerts. In addition, Global Sentinels are equipped with sensors that monitor container door intrusions, interior light, humidity, temperature, motion, tilt and shock. Global Sentinels report all anomalies to the user via web, SMS text or email, all while acting as mobile IOT gateways for RSAE Labs’s cyber-secure mist®
wireless sensor units to inventory and monitor the status of items within containers.

RSAE Labs responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with a reliable social distance alerting and contact tracing service, RangeAware. The RangeAware solution uses new (patent pending) ultrasonic distance-measuring transponders integrated into a high visibility safety vest, armband or lanyard. The mistRangers flash to alert the wearers when they are not properly socially distanced and securely send concurrent data to a designated server via the mist mesh network to be recorded and used for reliable contact tracing.  If mist®
location beacons are also implemented, the areas frequented by infected personnel can focus the sanitization of a facility. Additional functionality is made available by facilitating paging, muster station roll call, man-down alerts, work environment temperature exposure, access control, auto-door opening, equipment and item-level tracking and plant operations monitoring. Distance alerting can also be provided between personnel, mobile equipment and automated machines. This wide variety of use cases make the RangeAware solution the preferred way for companies to operate in a cyber-secure fashion without adding additional infrastructure and maintaining personnel privacy.

National Circuit Assembly (NCA) is a strategic, forward-thinking contract manufacturer headquartered in Texas. NCA provides solution-based electro-mechanical design, manufacturing, and sourcing services for simple to complex builds and everything in between. From start to finish, NCA contract manufacturing and sourcing facilities are dedicated to building the highest caliber global asset tracking solution on the market.

RSAE Labs is a Florida-based, innovative end-to-end solution provider of services to create resilient global supply chains for agencies and enterprise companies. Their Global Sentinelsfunction as mobile data gateways for mist®
cyber-secure wireless IOT sensor devices to monitor and track mobile assets, personnel and critical infrastructure around the world.  RangeAwareis RSAE’s new social distance monitoring technology for employee safety which alerts and reports the close proximity of employees to each other or mobile equipment.

For questions and more information please contact Mark Cottam, NCA VP of Sales & Marketing, at [email protected] or Ira Lehrman, RSAE Labs EVP Products, at [email protected].


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