A unique life-coaching concept has been created by two women in Finland, taking life-coaching experiences to a new level. Realizing how powerful the emotional memory is, Minna Pietarinen and Peppi Stünkel from Sinako begun to turn the inner strength and insights their clients found in their coaching sessions, into pieces of art. Both are trained LCF Life-Coaches and keen advocates for mental health and spiritual wellbeing. Minna is a gifted artist, with an impressive talent to turn emotions and stories into beautiful pieces of art.

Minna Pietarinen was born into a large family with 17 siblings, belonging to a conservative family. She is a mother of five and has gone through the loss of four children. Following her divorce, she broke away from the tightknit religious community, facing fear, shame and rejection. Her incredible story was told in a documentary series on Finnish national TV, called Cinderella Stories.  As she integrated into the mainstream culture, she found help through therapy and coaching and eventually studied to become an art therapy coach, an interior designer and a life-coach. Minna is a natural coach and her life experiences have given her the insight, strength and humility to support others through life’s harder challenges. In her own words: “Humility withholds the greatest beauty. From it, gratitude is born, and from gratitude arises the most sought-after power of the universe, love.”

Peppi Stünkel left Finland at the age of 18 to chase her dreams. Her studies in the UK led her to a corporate career in Switzerland. Later, in search of more meaningful work, she left the gaming industry and embarked on a solo bike ride across Asia and found volunteer work in Cambodia. She continued her adventures teaching kitesurfing in Africa and Brazil and eventually settled down in Mexico for nearly a decade, to protect endangered sea turtles. Following her divorce, she moved back to Finland with her young son and switched kitesurfing to ice-swimming. Her experiences and understanding of different cultures combined with her language skills allows her to provide solution-focused coaching to people around the world. “Seeing my clients find their internal spark and taking action to live their true authentic life, is the best reward I can get” she says.

Minna’s and Peppi’s paths crossed as they worked for their mutual friends at Innovation Home and they quickly became soul sisters. With a shared passion for life-coaching and a dream to help others, they founded Sinako. Combining their skills and diverse backgrounds, Sinako now provides help and support for those in need of life-coaching. Many clients were inspired by Minna’s vibrant art and the idea was born to paint the client’s own journey or strength, discovered through coaching. The artwork then serves as a source of positive energy for them every day. Whether you are aware of your goals, or wish to embark on a journey to discover your purpose – Minna and Peppi will help you get there. They believe that everyone has the answers and wisdom within themselves to make their lives better and that their role as coaches is merely to ask questions, which lead their clients to their own answers. Even the name Sinako comes from a question; “Sinäkö?” meaning “You?” in Finnish. Their personal coaching programs are available online from anywhere in the world in 4 languages (English, Finnish, Swedish and Spanish).

They have also adapted their unique concept into the business world as companies deal with transformation, change and creating meaningful values despite their best efforts. Sinako therefore developed a team coaching program based on the embodiment of the company values and objectives. Working with employees to establish the meaning of them on a personal and emotional level, helps the overall business succeed in creating a meaningful working environment for their employees. Many companies have discovered the powerful impact of displaying the end result through Minna’s beautiful art, leaving an emotional memory of the values and purpose of the company, to work as an everyday reminder to inspire employee behavior.

Finland was ranked #1 on the Happiest Country in the World list for the 4th year running and when asked about happiness, Minna and Peppi reply that they believe that the true source of happiness comes from serving others. Their long-term dream is to be able to help those that would benefit from life-coaching, regardless of their economic background, with a pay-it-forward principle. “We believe that our clients would find added joy and meaning in their lives, by helping those less fortunate than themselves.”

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