Flooring can help ease stiff, sore, and achy joints caused by standing for long periods of time.


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Experts say standing or walking on hard surfaces can be very hard on the joints. A recent announcement from National Floors Direct seeks to help businesses consider flooring that is easier on employees. National Floors Direct recommends companies consider a more padded flooring solution for commercial kitchens, industrial spaces, lobbies, childcare areas, healthcare offices, and other spaces where employees may spend a lot of time standing.

“The right flooring can help improve the health and comfort of your employees,” says National Floors Direct. “Carpet is often the only flooring option considered when people talk about cushioned flooring, but there are other options. Company owners tend to think that cushioned flooring is plush and can’t be commercial—but we have a wide variety of floors that will offer practical durability along with the extra give to protect employee health.”

Flooring can be very hard on the feet, knees, and lower back. Business owners are wise to consider preventative solutions when choosing their flooring, says the company. “Most owners are already thinking about how to choose the flooring that is easiest to clean or lasts the longest,” National Floors Direct noted. “Why not think about what flooring options are going to reduce turnover and downtime from sick days? Employees who are hurting will either be less productive or just call in sick for the day. The right flooring can reduce the downtime, which means it can be a very cost-effective choice down the road.”

Some of the best flooring for companies include:

  • Low-pile carpeting with thick padding creates a very soft floor
  • Vinyl or linoleum with a thick underlayment to increase the give
  • Cork – looks like wood but has a lot of giving and springiness
  • Rubber – used in industrial spaces because it is durable and easy to clean

The right flooring will depend significantly on what the space is being used for, National Floors Direct says. While rubber might be perfect for an industrial garage or commercial kitchen, it isn’t the right flooring for a luxury office space. Carpet might be right in specific settings, but it isn’t easily sanitized for medical or food prep spaces.

Some offices are focused on style and don’t need heavy-duty commercial flooring. Cork offers a beautiful finish that is warm and stylish as one of the most comfortable office flooring options. Vinyl and linoleum are the most economical flooring options and can be very comfortable with a thick cork sublayer. There are a wide variety of finishes and styles in each kind of flooring to match the look of the workplace.

National Floors Direct explains that investing in the right flooring for workers, staff, and employees is a smart move for companies to make.