Unveiling TRIAGE LIVE Poll – A unique and MIRAT module for excellent and adaptive user experience.

MIRAT, a novel product of NovelIRS Pvt Ltd, is an AI-integrated ITSM suite that enables organizations to merge their ITSM and ITOM obligations into a single platform.

Featuring here today is an exclusive module of MIRAT software, the Triage Live Poll.

Triage Live Poll module is a pool of Admin Tools useful to perform the basic administrator tasks without logging in to the specific server or database. Its acts as a central administrator for the entire host and gathers the status of the critical parameters. Triage Live poll works on Windows, Linux, Oracle, databases – MsSQL, MySQL, and networking and resolves all issues of your customers. This tool helps to reduce the need for 80% log in to production servers/systems. Users can connect the required server or database through MIRAT and perform different tasks that blend in the remaining sections. It also helps to remotely connect multiple systems in a single time slot.

Using the Triage Live Poll, enterprises, small or medium, and start-ups can reduce human interference/errors and improve service delivery.


Triage Live Poll is unique due to its compatibility and adaptability integration.

Users can access the following through the MIRAT application.

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Oracle
  • MsSQL
  • MySQL
  • Network
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB

The Triage Live Poll also performs two health check tasks:

  • Uptime
  • All Service Status

Through Uptime, the Triage module provides uptime status and presents the server’s local time and date.

All Service Status provides the details of all services on your server.

Users can click the “All Service Status” option to display the server name, display name, the starting mode, and the present status.

Additionally, in the performance panel, users can perform the following tasks:

  • CPU Utilization 
  • Top 5 Processes 
  • Memory Utilization 
  • Top 5 Memory 
  • Top 5 Virtual Memory Usage 
  • Kernal Memory Usage 
  • Paging File Usage 
  • Number of Cases 
  • Processor Queue Length.

On the Windows platform, Triage Live Poll can assist users in the following tasks:

  • HotFix
  • OS Details
  • Software Installed
  • Local Admin Group
  • Share
  • Process Owner
  • Logon Users
  • Website
  • BIOS

MIRAT is an artificial intelligence-driven cloud software capable of providing all the packaged tools under one license, offering centralized self-service capabilities with No/minimum staff and remote monitoring capabilities that presently no other competitor can serve. The USP of MIRAT.ai is “Automation” of IT infrastructure management that is highly aligned with ITIL and current trends. The IT infrastructure management includes but is not limited to the operating system, database, network, storage, application, middleware spaces, etc.

How to get started with MIRAT

If you want to test how MIRAT works, you have 3 options:

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